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    Red face Demon with wings

    Hi guys,

    I hope it's ok to post a sculpting WIP here as well? I'm working at the moment on a new creature and it would be great to get some feedback from you!
    Here you can see my progress so far. One important thing which i don't know is the size...
    I printed the head and it's parts in 2 different sizes. The whole figurine has in its large size a height of around 35 cm.
    I thought this is maybe to big so i printed the head with a total height of 20 cm but the head looks now so small :/
    Which size would you guys prefer? Also, keep in mind as bigger it gets it is more costly because of the material which needs to be used. I'm not sure if this would make any sense.

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    Welcome in the forum!

    I do not think the smaller head will be too small, please consider we are used to paint 28mm minis here.
    Furthermore an unpainted mini is scarier, I always think that there are too much too small details, but after starting painting them, the mini somehow grows, and will be able to keep the details.

    And as 2x size means 8x material...

    FYI you can remove the unnecessary attached image by Edit Post|Go Advanced|Manage Attachments

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    Welcome! Some of us here do sculpting, conversions, scratchbuilding etc. so not just painting. It would be awesome to see your work.
    We don't have (m)any digital sculptors / 3d printers here yet.

    The sculpt you are doing looks awesome! What kind of printer are you using? It looks like SLA, I can't see any FDM layers...

    Regarding print size:
    * I don't have any first-hand experience, but given that your printing material is not cheap, I agree with Lemming that the smaller print size
    is probably ok. Unless you lose too much detail, which you don't seem to be having any problems with.
    * The head being small is not a big problem for an observer either: human beings look for heads/eyes first by nature, and we'll find it given enough hints
    * Also, from what I understand, the larger the mini the harder it is to paint too, since you start having to deal with painting proper textures ie. you can't just basecoat, wash and drybrush and call it done like I do

    Please keep posting!

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    Hi guys!
    Thank you for your warm words and your feedback! I will then work with the smaller size and try to amplify some details a bit more, so they are really visible at that size.

    @gorb: It's printed with a Formlabs Form 2 printer which is an SLA machine I also have an FDM printer but SLA is so much nicer.
    It would be great to know that maybe other like the design and want to paint them
    I will post more updates here of the creature!

    @Lone Lemming: Thank you for your feedback and your help with the forum! It's fantastic to hear the opinion from others

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    Hi guys
    thank you for you kind words!
    Here is a small update of the creature

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    It's done!
    I hope you guys like the result. It was printed with my Form 2 with Grey and Clear Resin. The program I used was for sure ZBrush. The Base is magnetic to the body so it has a solid stand but can be removed.
    I hope you like the final product

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    10/10 I would paint that right away! Great job!

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