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    Default Demonic Forge : Lady Gadrielle (Bust 1/12 scale)

    Hi !

    New kid on the fofo I swapped my dice and my brushes to become editor. And here is my first project:

    This is Lady Gadrielle sculpted by the talented Benoit Cauchies. It is 1/12 scale (7cm high), made of resin and consists of 4 parts.

    It will be available from Monday, September 16, 2019, at 8PM (French time) on Kickstarter at the following link:

    The different proposals:

    - For the premiere of Demonic Forge, a "demonic offer", including one bust of Lady Gadrielle, is available in only 1 copy for the first person to pledge : 1 €;
    - For the following 40 people, an early bird offer including one bust of Lady Gadrielle at 45 €;
    - A standard offer including one bust Lady Gadrielle 50 €;
    - A duo offer, including 2 busts of Lady Gadrielle at 90 €;

    In addition, 3 talent painters offer their painting service and offers you the opportunity to acquire a unique bust:

    - The bust painted by Niko Deze from Little Demon Studio: 445 €;
    - The bust painted by Hedwige Hoffmann of the Atelier d'Hutif: 295 €;
    - The bust painted by Julien "A la Bonne Peindouille" Reymond: 445 €.

    All rates above include postage for France with tracking and proof of deposit. Add + 5€ for the 27 other countries of the European Union. Add + 15€ for the rest of the world.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate!

    See you soon !
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    It is 48 hours that the project is launched and the bar of the first third is reached, it is rather good to cross this first symbolic level. Clearly, I did not expect to be funded in 5min although I would have liked as anyone who launches his project, but I think it is a KS that will be done smoothly. It remains 3 weeks, subscribers are there. So, I'm pretty confident for the following of this KS
    Nevertheless, I always think about communicating on this project and of course you can take part in this reflection by proposing ideas. You can of course share the page of this KS all around you, it's already a start.

    So do not hesitate!


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    Tonight, at 8PM (french time), Live painting session with Hutif on her FB page ( @hutif ) !

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    And first review by Chestnut Ink here :
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    Hi !

    Tonight we are at 75% founded. It's great but not enough. So Demonic Forge and Little Demon Studio join their forces to give a new offer :

    Name:  ban FB Gadrielle Egilon.jpg
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Size:  578.3 KB

    You can pre order the bust "Lady Gadrielle" + "Egilon" for 67€, shipping cost included for France. Add +5€ for UE or add 15€ for the reste of the world.

    Hedwige Hoffmann from L'atelier d'Hutif began painting the bust. It's a WIP :

    Name:  Lady Gadr Hutif version.jpg
Views: 108
Size:  450.6 KB

    See you next time !

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    The campaign is now over and it is funded!
    That's great.

    Thank you for following me, thank you to CMON.

    I will come back soon for a new adventure, I hope next year.

    Stay tuned!

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