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    Default Rains of Castamere - Tywin NCU

    Hi, have had a situation whereby a Rains of Castamere card was played on a Nights Watch Scorpion.

    The card turns off the abilities, but does this:

    1. Remove the different profiles of the attacks and the ‘causes 3 hits’ for the one attack?

    2. Does this then allow the scorpion to shift before shooting, as this is an ability? (As this doesn’t sound right to me)


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    1. It does not remove innate abilities (all that are listed with the heart), profiles (profiles meaning to hit and number of dice options) or range. It loses everything else.

    2. Yes. Doesnt sound right but it does.
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    1. Abilities are Abilities are Abilities. The only ones that cannot be removed and/or "shut off" are Innate Abilities, per the rulebook. Abilities tied to a unit's Attack Profile are not Innate (they do not bear the Innate Icon). If you remove Abilities from the Scorpion then that leaves it with 2 Attack Profiles:

    Bolt Thrower (Volley Fire): 3+, 3 Dice, Long Range
    Bolt Thrower (Single Shot): 2+, 1 Die, Long Range

    2. The limitation of not Shifting is tied to the Abilities on the attack. As these have been entirely removed, there is no such restriction- you do not pick-and-choose what is/isn't removed- it's all gone.
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