Any Experience w Ramsay as Cmndr?
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Thread: Any Experience w Ramsay as Cmndr?

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    Default Any Experience w Ramsay as Cmndr?

    Finally finishing up my Boltons eagerly awaiting the Blackguards release (more for the cool sculpts and additional option than any perceived power/advantage offered by the unit). Ramsay looks to be pretty aggressive in any potential lists because of his tactics cards. I look to run him in Starks and Nights Watch, as well as in a pure neutral/Bolton list, of course.

    Anyone have any experience with him as a commander? Any units go particularly well with him and his abilities/cards? I can see berserkers with 4 Morale or any unit w morale-boosting Stalwart attachment and good attack profile being good target for Cruel Methods, and really like Stark lists w Sansa to be able to pick out a Cruel Methods or Our Blades are Sharp at a crucial time in the game when u really need it but do t have it. Anything else y'all have found effective or even essential?

    Side note, I can see potential of Bastards Girls with Ramsay's cards, but the learning curve seems steep to using them effectively. Any thoughts/suggestions with them also appreciated.

    I'm not a fan of cards needing a panic token to work (Our Blades are Sharp), but I can see its potential. Other sources of panic are Tactics board, beating Reek, Dreadfort Capts, and Ramsays other card Sadistic Games. Did I miss any?

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    The Bastard's Girls are pretty much his signature unit from the neutral faction, the synergy is right there.

    Our Blades are Sharp is one of the most destructive card in the game. Since Ramsay has Theon able to put a panic token for free, it's relatively easy to get at least the one needed for that card to work. Even 5 pts cutthroats become monsters with 10 dice, 2+ to hit on a vulnerable enemy, followed by a -2 panic test. But if you're playing with starks, put Ramsay in a Greataxe unit and's -really- crazy. You can also get a panic token by including Roose (attachment) and getting the charge, as well.

    Cruel Methods is also right there in terms of pure violence, and the Bastard Girls (having the best morale of the bolton units) are perfectly suited for it. This card is awesome on Umber Berserkers too if you include Ramsay to grant the House Bolton affiliation.

    Sadistic Games is basically Ramsay's panic engine, as people seem to be scared of letting us cause hits to a unit...but really any wise commander will just take the hits. So it's not the strongest of the 3 cards, but it will come in handy sometimes when a silly enemy unit is on very low wounds, and they're forced to choose the 2 panic tokens.
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    Thx. I'd planned to put him in GAs when playing Starks. Really like Sansa for pulling a card when needed. Thoughts/suggestions for when he joins the NW? I'd thought either Vets to maximize his survivability or SBs maximize destructive potential. Some of the warmachines may be good Cruel Methods targets as well.

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    Sworn Brothers for sure, there's few things more efficient for 6pts in the game.

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