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Thread: Hello Cool Mini Or Not, first time here ( and im noob ).

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    Thanks Graishak, i am very grateful for your compliments, cheers.

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    Can some one please change the title of this thread to Clouds WIP?. Thank you, i cant seem to change it my self.

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    I guess you need to request this to one of the site's admins.

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    Yeah, and I think DragonsReach just left for one of the shows over in Eindhoven so probably won't see it until next week sometime.

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    Might as well post these two guys im working on, almost finished, wasn't able to get pics of progress really except some late ones so ill just show what they look like at the moment.
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    they look grand, very nice red you have going on there, and good colour choices all round
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    Thanks so much coyote, i am very grateful.


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    Nice work, keep at it.

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