Hello Cool Mini Or Not, first time here ( and im noob ).
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Thread: Hello Cool Mini Or Not, first time here ( and im noob ).

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    Default Hello Cool Mini Or Not, first time here ( and im noob ).

    Hello all, i have been in this modeling / wargaming hobby for about a year and a half now, it's my first time ever dealing with models or paint in any form at all. I have painted all the models i own, so i am now trying to see if im any good at building stuff like terrain from scratch. I am currently working on building this tower that i have not pre planned at all, i have designed and constructed this at the same time. The only place im getting ideas from are these two pictures from google images that you can see at the very end of this post.

    Thanks for having me.

    EDIT - I also agree with any one who thinks the roof of this building looks like shit.
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    Welcome! Wow, that is a pretty cool tower.
    Loving the exterior finish, and the door looks really cool.
    Is it mostly plaster?
    Can't tell about the interior, it looks like you re-inforced the plaster with wooden sticks?

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    Thanks Gorb, yes its some sort of plaster i think, but it's called modeling paste, orginally the walls were flat, and i was only using the paste to fill in the gaps, but it got so messy since it was my first time i decided i should slap it all over the walls to give it a "old" concrete look.

    Nothing is re inforced, those sticks you see in the first pictures is because i was had no idea what i was doing at first and was attempting to make a flat platform from which a bell would be hanging above so it would be a bell tower with big windows or large gaps on all sides of the walls so you could see the bell, but yeah things changed for reasons i cant remember exactly. Any way next time i try this i might try and plan it out more first and get more accurate measurments going on lol.

    The doors were flat green plastic i ripped off this green plastic container, the lines on the door were cut by me individually using a razor and ruler. But yeah im terrible at maths and i cant remember when i last had to measure some thing in my life so this has been a challenge to say the least ahahaha.

    Cheers for your comment appreciate it.

    Edit - Oh any the front arch is larger then the rest on purpose just incase your wondering .
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    Welcome to the show :-)
    A while ago, since I heard the term "noob" the last time... (I stopped playing WoW meanwhile >6 years ago ;-) ).

    Quite creative work on the tower. Keep going! To my mind building something custom, like terrain, is the top level of creativity work.
    You should stop at the WIP of St. Toad to get some inspiration on basing, and the WIP of Gorb will show you what amazing things can
    be build out of simple fiberboard.

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    Thanks Graishak, yeah i still use that word alot for some reason instead of "newbie" etc lol. Thanks i will possibly check that out, appreciate it!.

    I have ripped a huge chunk of that roof off to look like it has been smashed by missile or some thing and i have started to paint it, i will post pics soon( tomorrow maybe ). Oh i also added a big pipe going down in to that little drain box thing lol.

    Cheers, have a good one.

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    Tower looks really good, but you want to think about measuring out future projects (even if you are doing a rough sketch on some graph paper) as that way you will know you have your dimensions right. Not saying yours is bad by any means as I do like it and it will look a lot nicer even when you paint it. Looking forward to seeing this completed.

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