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Thread: Hello Cool Mini Or Not, first time here ( and im noob ).

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    Hey clouds,

    just saw your big text regarding the failed "refurbishment" of your challenging project.
    I know how this feels. If you have something in mind and it is not coming along like you're expecting, this is triggering big frustration.
    You did totally right, to lock it into a box and take a deep breath.
    My recommendation: Do some training on smaller, less expensive minis of the techniques you would like to realize and then come back
    to the big challenge. While training on the smaller ones, you're going to improve the technique and you get step by step prepared to
    produce the result with the big one, you'd like to have.
    And don't forget: We're hobbyists We're doing it, because it provides joy.

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    Thanks for the very cnouraging words Graikshak i apprecaite it, really helpful. Here is progress on this guy so far, i stuffed up the blue and yellow ribbins in between the Armour and ended up getting it all chalky looking but yeah a long way to go still. Both pictures are different lighting, the darker picture is a bit too dark and does not look that dark in reality. No edge highlighting has been done any where yet and alot of highlighting needs to be done and some of the blue armour is not done with highlights in general.
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    This chaos marine psycher looks pretty nice so far. I'm looking forward to see some more progress on it.

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    Promising start on the chaos marine. Are you going to do some blue NMM on it for the armor?
    The cloth is begging for some white flames or lightning bolts :-)

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    The Thousand Sons figure is looking really nice! I really like the cloth bits hanging off of it (blue/white fade) I would suggest doing the same to the pieces attached to his chest

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    Thanks Graikshak, i have never attempted NMM before so maybe next time or some time in the future, yeah the cloth is going to have a red-ish colored decal so that should solve that hopefully.

    Thanks Ekipage, yes i agree that would be a good idea and would look really good, thanks alot for that idea!.

    Thanks Dexter appreciate it mate.

    Thanks every one have a great day and night.

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    Front cloth broke in half, long story i wont go in to it, also i have been going through some hard times the last month or so, so i have been really not been able to do much. Also i lost the back cloth also down the sink aswell and could not retrieve it. Any way as soon as i manage to get some supplies i can finish this right away but every things shut and yeah you all know how it is.

    Hope every one is staying safe and having a good time painting there minis.

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    Aaargh. Nothing more worse than having parts breaking off the mini. I feel your pain...
    Currently the repair line is still visible. If you wanna fix this I'd recommend to use some plastic glue to melt it, press it together and
    remove after drying the "new" mold line. It will request to apply again the blue and gold, but the damage won't be recognizable anymore.

    Yeah... staying home provides some time to take care of the working pipe, that's true.
    Stay healthy!

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    Despite the broken cloth, the figure looks awesome Clouds! Sorry to hear about your troubles, hang in there mate. Stay safe and healthy please.

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    Having just broke some part of one of the minis I'm currently working on, I feel you bro.

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    Thanks all i appreciate it and will consider my options in regards to what you are saying graikshak, i appreciate the helpful advic, here is a quick pic showing more angels of him, still not finished just need to clean up base but thought id chuck this in since i think its a neat picture.
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    I like the way this lava basing work is moving into.

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    Thousand sons looks awesome. Shame about the cloth. Can you get rid of the raised detail, putty it and sand back? Or maybe even paint a colour fade at the bottom that draws the eye away from the defect?

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    Thanks Graishak and bullfrog, yeah i could do some thing like you are saying, but ill have to break apart the glued joints of his lower and upper body to remove the cape and doing that is risky because i might pull the base lava and gravel off with it because of the pressure i have to apply to snap it in half unless i hold its legs but its a bit tricky to get a good grip on it with out some thing else possibly breaking, but some thing needs to be done definitly so once the shops are opened again and this coronovirus lockdown stops i will be able to buy the tools needed to get rid of that defect, but hopefully before that time comes some one will tell me they have a spare one laying around ( i have advertised for it on facebook ).

    So in the mean time im going to do what i can on the other 9 rubric marines. I will show a actual finished picture of this guy before i post any thing else here from this point on.

    Have a great day homies.
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    My usual response to any of my screw ups is “battle damage” but that could be tricky with cloth. And I’ve noticed that things tend to break either at the end of a long paint or only at the beginning when I’ve used plastic glue and not super glue. Murphy’s Law rules supreme. Just sayin I’m feeling your pain that’s all.

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    Haha thanks for sharing your sympathy bullfrog, have a great night and day.

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    I really like the Thousand Sons miniature!
    Very neatly painted, and also cool lava base (you could add some subtle orange OSL in the feet and lower cloth)

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    Hey Dhiez, very sorry for late reply, thank you so much for your kind words and advice.

    Psyker suffered some damage a while back while i was trying to repair the loin cloth and ended up accidentally snapping the guy in half and scratching some paint, i was annoyed and depressed about it because i was so happy with him so that's why i had not logged on for a while. Any way i decided about 1 month ago to start painting the other guys. Here are two guys i just finished except for there base's.
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    I like this very much!!! It’s a crisp job. As meat as can be . What I would start to practice next (if your looking to increase your skills) is to start learning about light and your shadow placement and begin to exaggerate your highlights and shading. On such small subjects the only way to get them to be seen and delineate all the details is to exaggerate the highlights and shades!!!

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