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Thread: Hello Cool Mini Or Not, first time here ( and im noob ).

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    good work clouds, nice tidy painting
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    Thanks Coyote, have a great night an day, i appreciate it.

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    Nicely done on that skaven! I really like that pinkish hue to the skin

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    Thanks Ekipage!. I didn't know really it would turn out like this because i was mixing all my own colors and yeah but i thought it definitely matches a real rat closely i guess hahahaha. Any way its for a friend this guy, so he will probably stand out a bit to the rest of his Scavens lol, but yeah i think it looks cool aswell, thank you.

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    Ahhh i was not able to log on for technical reasons but i have finally managed to get my login details correct and i am finally back!!!!!. Here are 3 troops i have painted since not being on CMON, they are apart of a few troops i decided to strip and paint again since they were so badly done as they were among my first painted models ever, the Chaos Marine with the flame thrower is currently finished, but i have not taken a good photo of him yet but i will soon. Also i have Magnus the red and some rubic marines now, but they wont be done for a long time since i am stripping the paint currently off THE GREAT UNCLEAN ONE for the same reasons as the troops which is i wanted to do again since they were among my first models to have ever painted and i know i can do alot better now and he is an expensive model so i would rather strip him instead of buying another one.

    So HAPPY NEW YEAR every one and Merry Christmas since i wasn't able to log on due to forgetting to technical issues on my side.

    EDIT - The before and after picture is among my first painted troops showing how he originally looked.
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    Your paint job on those CSMs' armor and banners is so smooth! It looks really nice. What paints did you use?

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    Wow thanks Rowwwsdower!. I'm using citadel paints, but i hate the design of citadel pots so much that im going to switch to Vallejo soon and never look back.


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    Really nice work on the CSM! Looking forward to seeing what you do with Magnus and the TS models

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    Hi Clouds, one general question: Is there any reason why you're cutting your uploaded pictures in the way you're doing it?

    And I'm seeing with Magnus a big project on the horizon. Enjoy this!

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    My work area/room is messy and unorganised ( in the process of fixing this currently ) so i try minimize how much people can see and some times my hand is in the picture so i try remove it so people dont see my hand but some pictures u can see my hand so yeah i dont know what im doing lol..., i am currently in a renovation stage and will stop cutting images soon when i have finished the renovation and will not be ashamed to show my tidy beautiful wargaming station.

    Thanks for your questions and yeah magnus is a long long way away, i have to paint THE GREAT UNCLEAN ONE ( i stripped the paint off him and i am re doing it ) before i can touch them, although i have assembled every thing .

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    welcome back clouds.

    nice work on those CSM's
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

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