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Thread: Hello Cool Mini Or Not, first time here ( and im noob ).

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    Thanks Graishak, i am very grateful for your compliments, cheers.

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    Can some one please change the title of this thread to Clouds WIP?. Thank you, i cant seem to change it my self.

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    I guess you need to request this to one of the site's admins.

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    Yeah, and I think DragonsReach just left for one of the shows over in Eindhoven so probably won't see it until next week sometime.

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    Might as well post these two guys im working on, almost finished, wasn't able to get pics of progress really except some late ones so ill just show what they look like at the moment.
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    they look grand, very nice red you have going on there, and good colour choices all round
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again https://www.instagram.com/coyotepaints/

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    Thanks so much coyote, i am very grateful.


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    Nice work, keep at it.

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    Great work, both of them looks pretty neat and the colour combination also works in their favor!

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    Thanks Arkaan. The method of highlighting i used to highlight these is pretty new to me, also i had to go with a pinkish highlight because those were only colors i had available and just thought it would work just aswell. So yeah definitely nothing went really to plan but i learnt alot and look forward to giving it another go on the next models. Any way not finished at all, still lots to do. Just a quick update any way. And yes im aware i highlighted the wrong areas in some spots lol, as i say im very amateur with this method or any good method of highlithing so its just a big learning experience.
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    Am painting 5 of these guys at the moment. Tried 3 different types of highlighting methods on 3 of them in the middle picture, one of them is still only based black and have not started on that one. There is a white lighting shining directly on them making them look way brighter then they are, the light is so bright it makes the based only guy seem like hes highlighted already.

    I am mixing my own colors for all highlighting and only using a brush. The last picture showing the guy with a grey face has only 1 highlighting stage done and had not been completed yet in that picture but is finished in the middle one.
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    Welcome . I loooove that skin .

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    Thanks hahaha i didn't realise untill yesterday that they were goblins thus supposed to be green lol.

    Thanks alot appreciate the compliment.

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    Who says you have to paint them green! This is fantasy stuff, they can be any color you want. Besides, they look really good with the normal flesh tones, nicely done!

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    Thanks so much, i mixed Mephiston red and Zandri dust and white scar to get the flesh colors, wasn't sure how it would work but i think it worked out. I dont know why this picture i is coming up so small on here, the picture is not that small...
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    Not finished, but yeah as i mentioned earlier i did different sorta highlights each. Hopefully this picture is not as small
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    Just finished painting this scaven for a friend. These pictures have dark lighting with a BRIGHT CAMERA FLASH making them not appear how they do, the other picture is natural light outside and how they really look when im painting them under white light.
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    Think you’ve done a magnificent job on this!!!

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    Thank you so much your very kind i appreciate it.

    Thank you.

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