My Purple cape blue haired Abaddon
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Thread: My Purple cape blue haired Abaddon

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    Default My Purple cape blue haired Abaddon

    I would do him different if i could do him again i would make his cape and loin cloth black, and probably his hair also lol. Was my first time painting a complex model that is smaller then a Heldrake. Been in this hobby for about a year and a half. And yes i agree the base is not very good.

    Also added a picture of some of my other models. These are my first painted models since starting this hobby over a year and a half ago. I also have troops i painted aswell, about 30 of them but are not in these pictures.
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    How do i make my images bigger they seem to be unclickable and very small....

    Thanks people.

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    I fixed the image size issue, but now the image is to big but it will do. I added a picture of most of my 40k army, but its missing all the troops in that picture.

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    Nice job on Abaddon! Only thing I might nit pick is the edge highlighting being a little thick, but I also like it as it defines the parts. I actually like the blue hair

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    Yes i agree with what you said. Also i stuffed his face up quite a bit to be honest it was not supposed to look like that. If i coulddo it again i would do much differently and would keep the capes black like i was originally going to before ( long story ) deciding to try purple. Tthank you i really appreciate the comments.

    Have a good day/night ekipage.

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    NOTE - Troops and tanks were the very very first painted models ever, so they were painted like a almost a year and half ago, so yeah i know they don't look great, was a big learning experience. They were also bought pre owned, so i had to strip the paint of them etc before i painted them some models were not in great shape, alot of the tanks were pre owned when i got them and they were also stripped, and alot of them were in bad condition aswell ( did alot of sanding down of rough patches on them etc ). I no longer own most of those tanks since i sold them a while ago, i only own two of them and you can see them both in one of the pictures posted here.

    Here are some more images( taken maybe 9 months ago ) i took of my ( first models ever painted ) army, Abaddon was the last model to be painted ( finished about 3 and half or more months ago, i have been making terrain since then, but right now i am painting models again )and yeah all of it has been a learning experience really.
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