What airbrush model is best for super fine details?
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Thread: What airbrush model is best for super fine details?

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    Question What airbrush model is best for super fine details?

    Hi guys and gals, I want to buy myself a new airbrush just to use for those super small detail parts. What is the most accurate/precise airbrush that you would suggest for things like this? Would be also great if it was super easy to unclog - clean. So far I use two Iwata models., the Eclipse HP-CS and the CM-C model. So I am looking for something superior for this type of work from those two that I already own. I was reading a lot of about Harder & Steenbeck Evolution AL and also the Badger Air-Brush Co. Sotar 2020-2F, is there something better on the market of what model from those two would you pick? Thanks for any info on this subject.

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    I have a Badger Krome but I don’t think you will get much more benefit from it to justify the outlay of money. The irritation I’ve had regarding Badger proprietary fittings has almost made me want to throw it away. The airbrush won’t fit my air hose...so I buy a Badger airhose...then my air hose won’t fit my compressor so I have to then buy an adapter kit because I’ll be stuffed if I’m buying a Badger air compressor....yada yada yada. Still haven’t used it out of frustration so can’t help you there. If you do buy Badger this will also be an issue for you.
    Now my Harder and Steenbeck Infinity is a different beast altogether. Lovely airbrush to use. Not as frustrating to strip down and clean as the small floating tip in the Krome. Can get the smallest of dots and tightest lines I’ve been able to do and that translates well into some pretty fine detail work. I find the trigger on the Cult of Paint branded Infinity super comfortable to use. I wouldn’t imagine there would be too much difference between the Infinity and Evolution. I can’t remember the title of a video demonstration but I imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to search for on YouTube. I think twelve or so airbrushes are compared painting the same image. You wouldn’t think there would be so much difference between final results. I was glad I’d bought a H&S airbrush after watching it.

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    From those I tried the HnS infinity as it has a .15mm needle and with it a really fine spray. BUT at the same time it can be annoyingly cloggy.
    The HnS Evo is not that fine (comes with a .2 or .4 needle-nozzle), but imho more than enough. There is a point, where masking and trying to AB takes longer than simply using a normal brush.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks for the feedback on this topic guys, I think that in the end I will get a Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush Infinity CRplus 0.15 model.

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    Good choice although I may be a bit biased. I haven’t used the smallest needle yet as I simply haven’t had to. Spent years trying to bludgeon my way through detail painting with a .05 better suited to base coats. You tend to get used to having to be accurate. Still, I don’t have to switch to a brush until buttons and pupils. (May be a bit of an exaggeration.)

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    Iwata Custom Micron is best for super fine details. however the drawback is that it needs to be really thin paint. you need to get that balance between liquefied paint and water just right.

    The other issue is that it clogs easily, but having tested a lot of the high-end options first hand. this is the ultimate precision brush.

    For my skill level though, it''s overkill. you aren't going to be able to paint eyes with it for example.

    Well, maybe you can. I can't.

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    Honestly, I think the better option for you would be the Harder & Steenbeck infinity CR+

    Its a bit more precise than the Evolution. but it's marginal. the best features are the snap on needle cap so you can ge up close. and the quick release stopper on the end.

    when you AB fine details, you get a lot of drying on the tip. Use the quick needle stop to prevent the needed coming back too far and you can be as heavy handed as you want. then if it starts to dry, just pull back to release it. blast some paint through in a direction away from your model and snap it back in place to carry on. I've gotten super details super fast using this.


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