I myself played for many years on a chessclub and somethimes we did a 2 vs 2 game like the text below, taken from the internet that explains it well. I see a nice gamemode for SONG based on this. Lets say 3 VP on each table, table 1 lannisters vs starks and table 2 starks vs lannisters.... winner is decided when u get 4 of the 6 vps.... what do you think of this idea?

There is this chess variant in India, we call it 'Supply'. Its a 2 vs 2 game with 2 boards and 2 players of a team take alternate colors. the standard rules of chess apply, but with one twist,if your team member captures a piece on his board he can give it to you and since you are your team mate's opponent's color, you can introduce that piece on your board and continue playing, while introducing the piece on your board there are few rules like no direct check and no direct promoting of a pawn by introducing it in the last rank.First team to get checkmated looses. This mod of chess is really fun. I dunno if people play this outside India, and what it is called. I would like to play it online with my friends, so you guys know any place online where I can play this variant?