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    Hello guys!

    First post here, (didn´t found a presentations post so I ended making one for my mini directly) and I was looking for some advice/opinions on my little soldier. As the tittle says, he´s an Imperial Fist, still working on him, but I wanted some opinions about how it´s going. I´m not the best painter or anything, just looking to get some good looking marines to play with or expose them in my house, I´m not looking to win any competition.
    I´m "satisfied" with how he looks overall, but I noticed, specially in hand, that he´s not as smooth as he could be (don´t know if it´s because the spray primer, because I´m also working on some old mini marines primed with airbrush and they have a better surface, without "wrinkles"), and also the highlights aren´t very noticeable, may be I should do more layers of it, or use another colour. By the way, I´m following what Miniac did on his video about painting Imperial Fists.

    Thanks for opinions or advices before hand!

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    Welcome to the forum!
    I've watched a fair number of Miniac's videos, but not the imperial Fists one. Does he highlight the yellow with pure white?
    The graininess that you get looks like the yellow you used could do with some thinning: yellow (to my knowledge) has a lot of white in it, and white acrylic tends to be chalky when applied too thick. The old mantra of "many thin coats" applies here. I'm thinking 3 to 5, before you get good coverage with thinned yellow, if you start on a proper base color (ie, not black) which it looks like you've done.

    Disclaimer: I'm still learning all of this as I go, so the other more experienced members should be able to give you better advice! Keep painting!!!

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    For a first start it looks good. It does seem to be grainy and I am guessing from rattle can primer or that yellow color. It looks like you might have had the can too far away so it was drying before it hit the figure, hence the textured bits. Not sure what area you live in, but it could have just been the weather was not a good time to use a spray can, but you might want to look at some colored primers you can brush on to help you with that. I know both Vajello and Badger Stynlrez have colored primers (yellow in your case) that will immensely help with painting yellow, I know because I used it on one of my figures and it was the first time I was really happy with the yellow I got.

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    You could try another type of primer like P3 works good -it comes out as a fan and not a cone- after you’ve used p3 white primer- you can then sineish or use s color out of a can like GW flashgitz or the armory yellows -so basically to get things even and smooth a white primer with a spray can color directly over the white- then you can start painting your shades etc. another tidbit is unless there is an adequate shading thenyiyr highlights will not show up on their own- darkness enhances light-can’t expect highlights to stand out if they are not directly next to a good deep shading.

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    Hi again guys, and thanks for taking your time.

    That reiver (and his 2 brothers that missed the photo) was primed with a can primer, white in his case, grey and black the other 2. The mini marines were primed with an airbrush and with white primer, but I´m not working on them right now since those Reivers are my first victims to try a colour scheme that will work for the rest of the army, anyways I´ll post a photo of them to let you see the difference between them and those graininess feeling.

    Moving onto another things, if I´m not wrong, Miniac used white as the last highlights, using the next method, even with his "misteps" that i replied myself: white primer, yriel yellow (wich he said was a mistake to "emulate" the GW marines), flash gitz yellow, screaming skull for the highlights and white as the last thing in the most "shining" places, wich was what I tried to copy.Name:  IMG_20190922_192041.jpg
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    very brave painting yellow. that's a difficult colour to paint. your painting looks pretty neat. Some of the highlights are a little thick but a good start, never the less
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