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    There seems to be a lot of discussion about Lord Varys’ NCU ability to cancel a zone’s effect or cancel the abilities of the NCU claiming the zone.

    The rules say that if there is a simultaneous trigger, then the active player gets to resolve first.

    In the case of Lord Varys vs. Lady Val (or any other character that changes the effect of a zone), it seems that all Lord Varys has to do is cancel the effect of the zone and he has, in effect cancelled BOTH the zone’s effect AND the NCU’s capability. This makes Lord Varys a bit overpowered, since he now can do two things where it was intended that he only choose one or the other.

    Might I suggest a change in the wording of any NCU that “you may replace the zones effect with …” to “you may use the following effect instead of using the zone’s effect:”. This would force Lord Varys to choose one or the other, e.g. if Lady Val landed on the crossed swords, Lord Varys would have the ability to either keep her from using the effect of the horse, or the crossed swords, but NOT BOTH.

    Alternately, could just make NCU’s like Lord Varys violate the simultaneous rule and act as an immediate interrupt to the action, as in “wait, before you select which one you’re going to use, I get to take one option away from you.”

    Unless, of course, the intention was to make Lord Varys the most powerful NCU in the game.

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    Since Varys's card states "cancel the effect of the claimed zone," NCUs such as Lady Val, Craster, and Ser Baelish are--as I believe was noted in Discord--hard countered. Don't believe it's a violation of the simultaneous rule, either, as this would be resolved:

    1. Lady Val claims zone
    2a. Varys Triggers
    2b. Lady Val replaces effect
    3. Resolve Varys

    Since both Varys's order and Lady Val's replacement effect are simultaneous, Lady Val would resolve first.

    Even in the event that the timing isn't simultaneous, and Varys goes first, the outcome would be the same. Varys is cancelling the effect, so Lady Val can use another zone's effect, but it's still cancelled.

    Also, recall that Varys's ability has a 33% chance of failure, and can only be used 4 times.

    Of course, I happen to think certain NCUs could be made more powerful (see profile pic for hint)...
    "I did warn you not to trust me." -Littlefinger

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    Thanks for the answer ... it was what I expected. Sometimes it's just not an easy life north of the wall.

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    Littlefinger is a staple for me. So good almost all the time. Especially when playing Nights Watch or Neutrals. Varys doesnt really make sense sometimes but just remember the answer is always yes if he can cancel something lol

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