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Thread: The Best Airbrush for Miniatures Painting

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    Default The Best Airbrush for Miniatures Painting

    Hey all, I wrote a guide on the best airbrush for miniatures.

    Could do with some feedback from the community. I want to compile the best guide on new starters or upgrades getting airbrushes and was wondering what everyone wants to know and whether it's covered in the article?

    What Considerations did you make when buying a new airbrush?

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    There are two considerations you’re missing here, Experience and Workload.
    Lets take experience first:-
    for someone starting out and unsure of whether an airbrush will suit there needs it’s an expensive outlay so not really addressing this issue properly. I started out with a Testors Aztek a relatively simple to maintain piece of kit, because I was unsure of how I would manage with an airbrush.
    As a general workhorse it’s pretty good, you can get a good coverage and it’s a way to learn how to control the trigger.
    Now I swap between an Iwata Neo and an ‘el cheapo’ £19.99 Amazon special, both fit my needs excellently.

    I prime with my airbrushes, best decision I ever made to step away from ‘rattle cans’ so all three fit the bill for that purpose.
    Setting initial colours, both the Iwata Neo and the ‘el cheapo’ hit the mark (no pun intended) perfectly.
    Getting in close for pre shading, the Neo has the advantage for a slightly finer line, but the ‘el cheapo’ is not to be sniffed at either, given the right air pressure /dilution combo it compares just as well.
    The last task I use my airbrushes for is varnishing, most of my bust get an initial matte coat before brushing on Satin or Spot gloss and varnish can be a bastard to clean out.

    Both the Neo and the ‘el cheapo’ strip down for cleaning with ease and if any thing the ‘el cheapo’ is a little bit more robust as I’ve had to replace the jet head on the Neo due to a crack appearing. The cost of the nozzle was just two pounds less than the whole ‘el cheapo’.
    The Neo you can pick up around the £60-70 mark if you hunt around. I got mine at Firestorm games during an airbrush workshop.
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    some things I saw:

    "best beginner AB" - in retrospect it's a bad idea to learn to use one, then you buy a good one and have to relearn everything. I also started with a cheap setup but was a bad idea.

    "Acrylic Paints, which most model airbrushers use, aren’t directly suited to airbrush painting" - may be true for GW and Vallejo, but most other Acryl paints (scale75, P.August/Andrea, Tamiya, GoldenAcrylics, Schminke, P3, ....) are airbrushable by default and with quite a lot of dilution even heavy body acrylics(Schminke primacryl) are.

    "If you want to do detailed airbrush work like recess shading or spot highlights" - actually if you train yourself enough even a .3 or .4 is good for this. Best example is the video "micro airbrushing" where they AB multiple skulls on a size of a dime with a .3 AB.

    "side-feed": in the setup of most modellers they do not make sense and is a normal top fed one is better. The advantage is if you have multiple cups with multiple colors as you can change between them really quickly. The cleaning at the end.... yeah, bad.

    On the top 10 I can mostly agree with.

    as to your questions:
    - I think it's mostly covered
    - bought it mostly for larger (75mm - 1/5 scale) figures, where I didn't have the patience to paint them with a brush. I use it mostly for priming-basecoat-preshade-(some detail)-varnish.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks for the feedback @Dragonsreach!. I've updated the best beginner section to more clearly outline in this article the benefits of El-Cheapos. This is instead of referring people to a seperate article for all that explanation. Honestly having used them and the Neo, I don't find enough of a difference to spend the extra cash on a Neo when I can buy 4 ElCheapos for the same money.

    Thanks again

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    Thanks @MAXXxxx. I;ve updated it and changed aroudn some of thiose sections. Really appreciate the feedback.

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