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    With the release of Hero Box 1 for the Free Folk we got access to Styr, a flavorful reactive commander who gave the Free Folk some much need diversity. His tactics card, "Final Strike" reads like this:

    When a friendly Infantry unit is attacked with melee, after Defense dice are rolled:
    For each Wound suffered by the defender the attacker suffers 1 automatic hit.
    If the defender is within Short Range of Styr, the attacker suffers -1 to Defense Save rolls against these automatic Hits.

    The rule book states on page 19: For each unblocked Hit, the defender suffers 1 wound.

    Scenario: Great axes attack a FULL unit of trappers and generate 18 hits.

    My Question is...if I have to make 18 defense saves and I fail all 18...would the attacker have to make 18 defense saves in reaction to the card or just a number of saves equal to the number of "wounds/models" removed from the unit, in this case 12.

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    Nice one! Seems the card references the failed defense saves, not the models removed, and also interrupts the sequence before models are removed, so I would guess 18. Not sure though.

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    In my opinion, you can't suffer more wounds than you have models left in the unit, so in this case your Final Strike would be limited to 12. In mechanical terms, any result after the one that destroyed the unit would be discarded.
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    Rulebook- Page 9

    • Individual Models: These represent the total Wounds of a unitand are removed as the unit suffers damage. If the last model isremoved from a unit, the unit is destroyed and removed fromthe battlefield

    Two points there:

    1. 12 models means 12 total Wounds, per the first underlined part. Models with the Wounds Ability function the same, per the Wounds section in the rulebook.
    2. The moment the unit loses its last model, it's destroyed and removed. You can't continue to suffer effects past that point, aka suffering more Wounds.

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    A unit can never suffer more Wounds than it has remaining, e.g. if a unit has 4 models left, it can only suffer 4 Wounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CMON Michael Shinall View Post
    A unit can never suffer more Wounds than it has remaining, e.g. if a unit has 4 models left, it can only suffer 4 Wounds.
    Thank you for the clarification.

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