Exploit Weakness vs. Fire that Burns Against the Cold
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Thread: Exploit Weakness vs. Fire that Burns Against the Cold

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    Default Exploit Weakness vs. Fire that Burns Against the Cold

    Exploit Weakness - 'If you expend a Weakened token to force the enemy to re-roll, they also suffer +2 additional Wounds'
    Fire that Burns Against the Cold 'When an enemy expends a condition token on a friendly unit, cancel the effect of that token'.

    FAQ Calculated Cruelty

    Q: For this, and similar cards, if something would cancel the token's effect does it in turn prevent the effect of the Tactics Card?
    A: No. Expending the token is only part of resolving the Tactics Card's effect. The token itself has no effect that is being applied.

    Does the NW player suffer two wounds if Lannister player has expanded a weakened token despite not being able to force the NW player to re-roll? If the CC FAQ didn't exist, I'd think the answer is no wounds would not be suffered. The FAQ makes it a bit more difficult as it sets a precedent that seems to indicate the effect goes off.

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    I would say that first of all, Exploit Weakness is not the same as the FAQ that you are using as a source. Exploit Weakness does not spend a condition token as a cost for an effect. Exploit Weakness is saying that if you spent a weakened token normally during the attack then an extra effect kicks off. And it doesnt just say expend a weakened token, it specifically calls out using it to re roll attack dice. you didnt force the enemy to re-roll, which is part of the pre requisite for the bonus.. "If you expend a weakened token to force the enemy to reroll", you didint force the re roll so you dont get the +2 wounds..... But I could see how the wording of Exploit Weakness isnt clear as well... It could say "If the attack dice were re rolled due to a weakened token".... So Im not 100%
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    I see where you're stating it's not the exact same situation, but they do both use the word expend. I guess the term is accurate but led me down the path of using a token for something that's not the typical use. In this case, it is the typical use for an added benefit. I do agree that it could be worded better but I'm now leaning towards thinking you shouldn't get the 2 wounds.

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    You're not meeting the criteria listed on the card.

    It says you have to expend the token to force re-rolls; you didn't do that, you're not getting any benefit (aka the +2 Wounds) from doing so.

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