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    Hi all,
    I'm trying to reproduce the skeleton warriors bone painting scheme like gw site. See
    This is the picture:

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    Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the scheme.
    I have tried the scheme on the box:
    Base: Zundri dust
    Shade: Reikland fleshshade
    Layer: Ushabti Bone
    Layer: White Scar

    This is the result:
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    As you can see, the color is totally different.
    Anyone can help me to understand the painting scheme? (I use citadel colours)Thx.

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    that's understandable, the skeletons on the box were painted completely differently than how they teach/what they tell you.
    + this is the reason why color recipes from the net mean nothing. They never show how much of a given color you use and how it is applied to the surface.

    That said, what you did was good, but you'd need to use a LOT more white.

    Almost I'd say to start from a strong white base (white undercoat spray from other manufacturers or corax white/wraithbone spray from gw) and try to shade only the recesses with agrax earthshade.
    Then just correct back the spills with the base color again. If you used corax white/wraithbone (really an off white color) than you could edge highlight them with a pure white for added effect.

    For the red parts I'd start from khorne red or mephiston red, it's shaded with black by gw most of the time highlighted with an orange brown (about the same as bestigor flesh)

    + I haven't checked their paint app for a year or so now, but maybe that is usable.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    I agree with what MAXXxxx said about what you could do to match the box more accurately.

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