Storm Of Swords - Wall Activation & Set Up Clarification
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Thread: Storm Of Swords - Wall Activation & Set Up Clarification

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    Default Storm Of Swords - Wall Activation & Set Up Clarification

    Storm Of Swords - Wall Activation & Set Up Clarification

    Played this game mode forfirst time yesterday and really enjoyed the game.
    We did have a couple ofquestions –

    1. Game mode 1.4 set upmap shows short range Ref Arrow, however it states Long Range under thedeployment Heading!

    We assume it should be LongRange as defender cannot legally set up within short range due to WallPlacement.

    2. It states in the specialrules that castle walls activate like other units, we took this as read andactivated walls even when they did not have a legal target.
    However this does thengive the advantage to the defender of having extra units to activate allowingyou to see what the attacker is doing before committing your actual combat units!
    So we wondered if wethis was correct?


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    1. That's a good catch on deployment--first time I'd seen it at least. Comparing the size of the zone with Winds of Winter, it's almost certainly supposed to be Long range.

    2. Units can activate and not perform an action, so your reading is correct. Given that the text hasn't really changed for this mode all that much from the prior version (if at all, didn't do a word-for-word comparison), this should definitely be played as written. IMHO, the defender needs these advantages since half their units aren't on the field for a third of the game, and taking out two of those Walls is going to end a 40-pt game.
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    Hi Many thanks for your reply - yes thats how we see it re defender using walls.

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