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    Default advice using crackle medium

    I'm new to using vallejo crackle medium.
    i've applied it, but after letting it sit overnight, no cracks have appeared yet.
    is there a technique to applying this medium?

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    no real good way as the Vallejo product is not that great.

    The only way I've seen it work:
    - paint the underlying color / undercoat and leave it for a day or so to dry
    - paint the main color very thinly (preferably with an Airbrush) allow it to be touch-dry, but not totally dry (2-3 hours of drying at most)
    - apply the crackle medium, the more thickly applied the bigger the cracks. The cracks should appear in about 2 hours, but they will get more/bigger as it dries
    - allow it to dry totally (I'd wait a day here, but 5-6 hours should be enough)

    also vallejo products tend to separate out, so it's possible that you used the thinning medium, which is problematic as it's advised that the crackle medium is not shaken before usage.

    Now if the paint that is to be cracked is too thick it seems it can't crack it. Same goes if it already dried properly as the medium messes with the still drying paint.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    thanks for the advice. you might be right about it separating and not shaking it. i wondered about that.
    i'll def take note of all the info you listed. it should help quite a bit

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    I use crackle medium that has been formulated for scrapbooking. It’s designed to still crack under fairly thickly brush applied paint. Anything made for scrapbooking tends to be expensive but the big bottle I buy is still much cheaper than the small bottles made for mini painters. I think the one I buy is made by Ranger.

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    thanks for the advice!....i must say i'm looking to minimize the amount of paint on my sculpts. more paint = less sculpt detail.
    it looks like the crackle medium is somewhat thick. i might have to rethink using crackle.

    who knows... i'd like to sculpt and paint a miniature of Darkseid, and the crackle would be ideal

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