How can I get Stark army only?
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Thread: How can I get Stark army only?

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    Default How can I get Stark army only?

    Hello everyone I'm getting into the game and want to start with House Stark. As much as I would like both Lannister and Stark with the starter pack, I don't think I need both armies. Other than saving money, I would need to build up only one after purchase. This includes learning to use different NCU's and commanders per game.
    Time: Spending the time to paint one army is already enough for me. Plus I have other mini's that need work so focusing on Stark forces and characters is more than enough for me to spend attention to. That includes when I buy the hero and unit packs.
    So if anyone knows where I can get a Stark starter set (without Lannister forces)with basically everything including rule book, tokens, etc, please let me know.
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    eBay or the ASOIAF Facebook buy and sell group are probably your best bets.
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    I have a friend that may have what you’re looking for. Reaching out to him now... I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

    otherwise, eBay and Facebook are you’re best bets, as Dean said.
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