I just started painting minis not long ago. Unfortunately I was buying random games to get the miniatures, which turned out a bad idea as I have a bunch of stuff I will never use. I am looking to trade or to sale this stuff off. Nothing is set in stone so please just shoot me an offer. Prices are not including shipping.


https://imgur.com/a/urkvsia Photos of my pile

Rune Wars
Trays - $10 for allDice - $3Markers - $10Books - $5 eachAll Cards - $10Box only - $5

Rum and Bones Iron Inqusition
Box Only - $5Board Map - $5Cards - $5Tokens - $2Cards - $3Hero Cards - $10Mini's Unpainted - $2 each, or 20 for all

Super Dungeon Explorer
Cards - $5Mini Unpainted - $3


Mimic - $2
Pitfighter Cards $2

Reaper Minis (Not in photos) $2 each
New unpainted - Ingrid Female Gnome and Hajad, Pirate


SetsZombicideStar Wars Legion LOTR

Single Minis Anything that looks interesting to paint.