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Thread: Necroghast WIP, painting again after a long hiatus

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    Tell that marine to go and shave, he is a disgrace to the unit!
    Nice job on both the RG minis!

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    Nice looking marines, very cool color scheme.

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    Thanks for the comments! I'll finish up the Raven Guard unit in a bit but now I'm working on this Dark Angels Primaris Chaplain. Did a few basic conversions with some other DA pieces to spruce him up a bit. First is the robe, normally for DA I'd paint it dark green but the robe on the Primaris Chaplain model is obviously leather based on the way it drapes. Thought I'd try painting it as a roughed up light green leather instead of a basic brown or black. I had a pretty tough time at first, I used an old green Citadel Foundation paint (label came off so I'm not sure which color) as the base layer and it was super streaky. Put 5 or 6 coats on before it was solid. First highlight was with Citadel Straken Green which was also super streaky/chunky. I think I managed to hide most of the imperfections with all the weathering.

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    Really nice work on the surcoat or robes or what ever they are. Not sure if you are trying to go for a camo look, but that is kind of what it seems to be.

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    Thank you! Its just supposed to be dirty/weathered/scratched green leather, but the colors definitely give it a bit of a camo look.

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    nice work on the robes so far. the scratches are a nice touch. I think it general it needs as little more contrast. maybe take the shadow a bit darker.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Nice that robe is looking awesome!!!!.

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    Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still working on stuff! Took a brief break from the chaplain to paint up an Eldar Kill Team for eBay. Been building them for the past couple weeks. Havent had a ton of time to work recently as our apartment has been in a state of flux, my girlfriend and I's roommate just moved out, but it means I get a whole room to myself now as an office/work space. (We used to share it but now my girlfriend is moving her office into our roommates old room)

    Anyways, I'll post some pictures of the Eldar when theres more to see, just started painting them yesterday!

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