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    These are concept cards ive put together. They are not meant to be "finished" and are just fun concepts for home games. Will be testing them out this weekend. Love to hear ideas from you guys! As far as minis go I'm using bran as an ncu and the mcfarlene game of thrones dragons which are perfect scale for the game! I've also been working on a Shae ncu
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    I think if one unit should have Horrific Visage, it's dragons. Also, they ought to have a morale value. They might not be keen to flee, but usually they are not wounded by anything...most people are too terrified to attack them in the first place, let alone manage to wound the carapace. If wounded though, they might turn tail and flee...they are animals in some way. Perhaps their morale should worsen as they get wounded.

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    I think that’s a great idea for a mechanic, and fits with the dragons. Give them a really good morale rating to start, but they get +1 for each wound taken.
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    I'd probably also use what's already here for tough monsters (until they come up with rules for them). The Giant sustains one wound per 2 failed defense saves so that's an idea. This will allow you to reduce the max number of wounds (keep in mind solo units will count their wounds to control objectives).

    i'd try starting with 8 wounds and a 3+ defense (taking 1 wound per 2 failed defense saves).

    Horrific Visage. Free maneuvre, movement 5, ignoring terrain while moving and pivoting (not if it ends a move or pivot on it).

    Morale at 3+ but adding 1 for each wound suffered.

    Melee attack "Dragon claws" would be 3+ with critical blow and no defense saves. Number of dice could be the number of wounds left.

    Ranged attack "Dragon Breath" Short range : 6 dice on 3+ with vicious allowing no defense saves (thinking about pyromancers here)

    Point costs around 12-15, would have to run tests
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    thnks for the feedback! I would also like to share these pics i found online, probably not real but who knows still interesting
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    That version is pretty much unplayable and someone's wet dream.

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    i agree xD the moment i saw it i was like "hope this is a joke" but the model is really cool, havent been able to find any other drogon models like it. Could be custom made sculpt. I'm really curious what size the cmon dragons will be

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnorexicShark View Post
    i agree xD the moment i saw it i was like "hope this is a joke" but the model is really cool, havent been able to find any other drogon models like it. Could be custom made sculpt. I'm really curious what size the cmon dragons will be
    From what i gather they'll have many sculpts over time. Likely they'll start as babies and then infant/juveniles...the books are where its at really, and so far they aren't nearly the size of the show. That's a good news because it means they'll be playable. The last Asoiaf book might present them grown further so by that time CMoN will have more options.

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    only getting baby dragons would be a terrible mistake, theres zero chance this game will be in print by time a dream of spring is released, if its ever finished that is. We are looking at another 10 years or so if we are going by grrm's current pacing. and i dont think cmon has the licences that long. I would imagine the only way they would get to renew the licences is if the game dramatically picks up, which would only happen if there were dragons or something along those lines. I am lucky enough to have many war gaming friends, and tbh 90% of them have never heard of this game and the others who have are waiting for more interesting units to be released, mainly dragons and the others. I'm a big fan of the game and im always trying to get new people to play, like all the time, I put up posts on the board at local game shops looking for new players, and nearly everyone i've spoken to about the game has had two major points of interests, does it keep true to the politics of the books (yes!) does it have dragons? and when i tell them there are no dragons yet i always get something along the lines of "How are there no dragons in war game based of ice and fire?". And I don't know if theres a good answer for that! I try to explain that the release is more of the war of the five kings theme but its a hard sell. I'm hoping the upcoming release of house baratheon this week will help sway new players, going to buy a box for my friend to get started. As to the original topic we are still working on playing with custom made dragons for the time being, trying to find a balance that will work by time the targ box releases next year, so the feed back is much appreciated and here's to hoping others can find enjoyment out of the card and topic. I know that someone made a custom others faction and im wondering if its been play tested at all? I'm very curious about how the walkers would play and i highly doubt we'll see them in the game sadly. I think the game would be a giant hit if there were things to pull new players in, the lore has children of the forest, ice zombies, ice spiders, dragons, faceless assasins, witches, shadow people, krakens, ect and these are some of the things people ask about first when they hear ice and fire (GoT) war game. I'm not at all saying flood the game with fantasy elements that wouldn't be true to the source, but at the same time it would pump some blood into the ip. I want the game to do really well and im trying my best to spread the love, what I will say if anyone from cmon is reading is this: most people I talk to don't know the game exists, but they are really hyped when they find out. The show obviously made the ip super popular, but the overwhelming majority of gamers are looking for something "spicier". Most book fans ive shown this to flip out over that coldhands model! I've play tested the game for a lot of people and its been a hit overall!
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