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    If Jaqen replaces an enemy attachment that has been destroyed in Clash of Kings, and then the enemy unit respawns, do they lose the attachment?

    The wording is slightly different to Take the Black, but I'm not certain which way it should be played.

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    I think Jaqen attachment needs a whole summary of the different interactions in Clash of Kings lol.
    - when he becomes an enemy attachment
    - when he becomes a friendly attachmnet
    - when he dies after he has changed

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    really hoping this gets answered. is it the same as take the black, or does it duplicate the attachment?

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    My interpretation is that when Jaqen uses Taking a New Name you physically remove his miniature and replace it in the unit with the previously destroyed attachment, gaining control of it as you control the unit it's in. This means that attachment is not in it's previous unit if it respawns and remains in Jaqen's former unit if that unit respawns. Where this rule gets strange is that it targets a previously destroyed attachment, not a currently destroyed one. This means that even if a unit has since respawned, it's attachments are still previously destroyed so Taking a New Name can target them while they're on the table.

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