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    Default Unit ranking for fun

    NOTE: this was written within the context of rules versions 1.4

    The game is balanced overall, we know this, but i wondered how people perceived the different units within their factions? Here's my ranking:

    In black are units of regular value, ranked in power relative to their faction
    In Green are units who perform slightely above their cost
    In Red are units who are costed slightely above their performances, or have drawbacks preventing their potential to show

    Stark units are typically great performers, and there are no units that feel "overcosted" imho. They do have some units who i believe perform slightly above their heads.

    • Umber Greataxes
    • Umber Berserkers
    • Tully Cavaliers
    • Eddard Stark’s Honor Guard
    • Tully Sworn Shields
    • Stark Sworn Swords (this is a very good unit for its cost)
    • Stark Outriders (these go up if Brandyn is attached)
    • Stark Bowmen
    • Crannogmen Trackers (these function mostly with Howland Reed, otherwise they aren't showing much


    • The Mountain that Rides
    • Knights of Casterly Rock
    • PoorFellows (in a High Sparrow List)
    • Guardsmen(+Captain)
    • Mountain’sMen
    • Pyromancers
    • Halberdiers
    • Crossbowmen
    • Warrior's Sons
    • Kingsguard(unit): A normal unit (12 wounds, can heal) with these abilities would be worth 10pts easily, but it has too many drawbacks making it fragile, which leads to handing those +2VP, inability to heal means all "automatic wounds" such as traps, Styr, Mountain or Giants, Stone Throwers are irreversible.

    Neutral Units:

    • Bolton Cutthroats
    • Bolton Flayed Men
    • Bolton Bastard Girls (1pt too expensive, perhaps due to out-of-faction combos)
    • Bolton Blackguards (Horrific Visage is not worth the cost over vicious, seems 1pt above their value...probably due to out-of-faction combos)

    Night’sWatch Units:

    • Sworn Brothers
    • Mounted Trackers
    • Stone Throwers
    • Veterans
    • Crossbowmen
    • Ranger Hunters (a bit pricy ?)
    • Conscripts (they would really benefit from Vows when a true brother is attached)
    • Scorpions (oddest unit, Crossbowmen seems to replace them entirely)

    Free Folks

    • Giants
    • Thenn Warriors
    • Cave Dwellers
    • Raiders (x2)
    • Spearwives
    • Trappers
    • Bonelord’schosen (Horrific Visage seem to be overcosted)
    • Bone Followers (same as above)

    What is your opinion?
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    I pretty much agree with all of that. I'd stick Nights Watch Ranger Hunters in red though. For 8 points I think they're too pricey. I'd rather save 2 points and run the Ranger Trackers any day.
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    I agree, but wanted more opinions as i have fielded them twice only. I was not impressed on both accounts. I'll change it to red.
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    the thenns are my fav unit rn. took my freefolk list from decent to great. I really like the freefolk heroes cards the team at cmon did a good job with those

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnorexicShark View Post
    the thenns are my fav unit rn. took my freefolk list from decent to great. I really like the freefolk heroes cards the team at cmon did a good job with those
    I wholeheartedly agree, the Thenns are certainly their best infantry unit by a long shot. The only thing i wonder is if they'll become a clutch seen in every single competitive Free Folk army list. They do exacerbate the "issue" i have with the Bone Followers...costing the same price and being nowhere near as useful (imho). What do you think of them?

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    Thenn are okay, but Cave Dwellers are still where it's at. One of the best units in the game for their price, imo
    Agreed re; Followers of Bone though, they're hot garbage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AutumnLeaves View Post
    Thenn are okay, but Cave Dwellers are still where it's at. One of the best units in the game for their price, imo
    Agreed re; Followers of Bone though, they're hot garbage.
    I love the Cave Dwellers for sure, but i've used them more as flankers than main infantry. The combo of both units is excellent as well (Thenns as anvils, Cave Dwellers as hammers).

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    i think the followers of bone are fantastic models, i love them, but im not sold on their card it doesnt seem worth it. Look i'm not saying they are bad they just dont follow my play style, id rather have thenns and cavemen. The bonemen are probably the best sculpts, maybe next to the stag knights. As far as utility goes I feel like the thenns and cavemen go hand in hand. The freefolk really check a few boxes for me so to speak, they are interesting models, fun to play, have great cards, and have interesting beasts. Those skin changers coming are some o f my most anticipated units. I'm planning on ordering a baratheon starter and the new hero box this weekend, so ill hold off judgement as far as ranking every unit in the game until i get some games under my belt with them! I would love to hear what others think about listing units though I love learning how others play the game. I've learned more from watching lets plays on youtube than anything. shout out to GmG and blitz! I've considered making some lets plays myself to help spread the word of the game!

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    Bone Followers suffer from a comparison to Thenns.

    They have the same move, same dice on attack profile, but get +1 attack skill to hit in return for -1 defense. But then things go south: Thenns get +1 Morale, Taunt order and Set Defense, while Followers of Bone get...Horrific Visage. In my mind, the Horrific Visage ability is a cool idea, but it just doesn't work as it is. It's too unreliable and often encourage even more investment (attachments with panic fail triggers) to "perhaps" pay off. But then they cost 7+ points and we're in giant territory (or Thenns + Chosen)

    It doesn't mean you can't field them and achieve something, but they appear underwhelming and i when fielded them...performed as such. I do agree their sculpts are great.
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    My experience with a dozen of friendly games as a Bolton themed player mostly. Units not listed are those I have limited or no experience encountering. My opponents have been mainly Stark, Lannister, and Night's Watch lastly. Of course NCUs and Tactics decks plays into the experiences with these units. In descending order:


    • Tully Sworn Shields
    • Lannister Guardsmen (*with Guard Captain)
    • Bolton Flayed Men
    • Umber Great Axes
    • Eddard's Honor Guard
    • Night's Watch Veterans
    • Umber Berserkers
    • Dire Wolf


    • Night's Watch Ranger Hunters
    • Lannister Halberdiers
    • Bolton Blackguards
    • Mountain's Men
    • Stark Sworn Swords
    • Stark Outriders
    • Bolton Bastard's Girls (1 point overpriced)
    • Stark Bowmen
    • Bolton Cutthroats
    • Night's Watch Scorpion


    • Lannister Crossbowmen
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    My views on certain units:

    - Tully Sworn Shields: A very stable area of control unit that is always hard to kill by my Boltons in my experience.
    - Lannister Guardsmen: Has to be the best basic unit when attached with a captain because of Lannister Supremacy.
    - Bolton Flayed Men: The Bolton work horse, and will still will be even with v1.5 coming that weakens their saves. Very devastating cav charge plus prolonged combat with War Flails.
    - Umber Greataxes: Had an opponent used these correctly with his tactics cards and NCU to catch my Flayed Men off guard, devestating results. Had another opponent who mismanaged them attacking light armour.

    - Bolton Cutthroats: Rarely do I get to charge an unactivated unit with them. They explode upon contact from a charge. Their attacks and Vicious makes them worth their 5 points. I use them as a support unit.

    -Lannister Crossbowmen: My opponents never have protected them properly, plus they die mostly from running away in my games.

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    As much as i dislike what they did to the Flayed men, i think that the bastard girls will perhaps be fielded more by Bolton players thanks to Vicious on the melee attack. At least i'll definitely include them under Ramsay as commander.

    Imho, all Bolton units should be vicious (looking at you, Blackguards!)

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    Personally, I'm having a blast with both warrior's sons and the kingsguard. I wouldn't personally rank then as not being worth their cost. In many situations there is simply no better unit. Mopped up some folks with just those two, and won me some games.

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    You can't use that list unless you consider it was made in 1.4...so pre 1.5 updates. I've added a note on top of the thread to that effect. I might update it, but it'd be on my opinion only, i haven't had the time to play much this month.

    On a whim i can immediately agree that the Warrior sons and Kingsguard are probably no longer "red-marked" by the looks of it, but i'd need to play them to rank them up with some coherency.
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    You need scorpions in order to deal with the giants as quickly as possible, plus their attack on normal unit is extremely powerful when you roll well (nine hits for three 3+ attacks)
    Blackguards are a good solid unit due to their defense that's why they're 6 points, definitely worth it and i use them often due to my Sworn Brothers now costing 7.

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    With Kingsguard able to heal and re-use their banner abilities now, would their ranking increase now?

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