I played a 50pt game v a Bolton Force with 1 unit of flayed men.

I deployed my Stone Thrower behind a convenient hill (ignore intervening terrain and units for LoS) on my right flank with a unit of Conscripts + Recruiter as protection.

Turn 1 - I went first (I’m just describing the Thrower related activity that I made not me or my opponents other stuff)
1. NCU takes wealth zone to deny healing
2. 2nd NCU takes combat section and triggers Thrower’s attack at the flayed men scoring 5 wounds.
  • The Thrower card says that it ‘May only be used once per round’ but I have seen nowhere where it states that zone effects don’t apply? This is critical to the value of the Thrower and probably due a ruling

3. Activate Thrower and miss.
4. March conscripts forward 10” as cover (this was a mistake as they were within long-range of the Thrower)
5. Flayed men manoeuvre and march 16” towards flayed men (10” from Conscripts).

Turn 2
1. Flayed men successfully charge the Conscripts and whilst the unit isn’t destroyed this turn it brings the Flayed men within long-range of the Thrower where they remain for the rest of the game.
2. I take the healing zone for Conscripts, and Bolton’s take combat zone and wipe out Conscripts.
3. I’m forced to pivot my Veterans to deal with the Flayed Men threat which essentially ruins my battle line.
4. Thrower takes out half of a Blackguard unit

Turn 3
1. My veterans disorderly charge into the Flayed Men with a pillow fisted attack doing two wounds (because of lots of effects as well) but crucially the Flayed Men get the wealth zone this turn and have weathered the storm for the rest of the game.
2. Thrower takes out half a unit of Cuthroats

Boltons go onto win the game as I run out of units.

So what have I learned?
1. At 10pts the Thrower probably can’t beat the Flayed Men, also 10pts (and the type of target you take a Thrower for, but see 4 below) because even though it does wounds not hits the Flayed Men can weather the storm.
2. The Thrower’s probably best placed in the centre of the army rather than a flank (where it is vulnerable to cavalry) so that your battle line can remain intact. And move the line beyond long range as fast as possible so you can shoot into combat if needed - Veterans should be able to cope with the ensuing panic test?
3. Conscripts aren’t the speed bump I hoped they might be and I should not have moved them forward giving my opponent a route to close the range.
4. If the Thrower can not use the combat zone then you have a 10pt unit with a 2/3 chance of activating each round. In a 6 round game thats 4 shots probably doing 5 wounds per hit circa 20 in the game. Perhaps the Thrower is best used 1/2 beating up units rather than killing elites?
5. Without the combat zone activation I think the 10pts is probably better spent elsewhere and the unit becomes very situational. Although 20 wounds is 20 wounds.....

Just some thoughts for other Watch Captains.