Basing Workshop with HonourGuard in England
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Thread: Basing Workshop with HonourGuard in England

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    Default Basing Workshop with HonourGuard in England


    I want to announce my two basing classes in England this summer. I hope it is okey to share them here.

    Topic will be to create a top-notch forest/fantasy base from start to finish in the 2 complete days. You will get all materials during the class, like figure, base, basing materials, many plants products, 50 pages pdf...
    If you're interested in more infos please go to These are two english painters who organize the class. If you have any questions about the content of the class itself you can ask me for sure

    Dates: 30-1.7. London / 7.-8.7 Hull

    Main topics:
    -Sculpting the base, using bark and check for a balanced base
    -Painting the base, adding pigments
    -Adding plants and bring everything togehter in a finish

    If you don't know me or my models and especialy the bases. Here you can see two examples. That is also the direction where I want to go with the course:

    Offical announcement from JourneymanMiniatures:

    Best regards

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    Default New Basing Workshops in November in Germany and Italy:

    New Basing Workshops in November in Germany and Italy:

    3-4.11. Stuttgart
    10-11.11. Berlin
    17-18.11. Roma

    Drop me a message for more infos.

    Best regards

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    New Basing Workshops announced for 2020:

    15/16.2 Santander, Spain
    4/5.4 Budapest, Hungary
    25/26.4 Vienna, Austria

    Hamburg and Stockholm will probably soon announced also for the first half of next year.

    You will learn and built an own natural display base from start to finish. For more info drop me a message.

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    tristate area in USA. Where all not as terrible as our man in charge lol I’m always and have been a huge fan of yours Oliver ide love if you would entertain the idea I have a bunch of places that are huge ga,I gotta stores that would love to have you host a basing class.

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