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    Default Kallfa WIP

    Hello there !

    Well, I'm back in the hobby after a long break (arround 5 years), and I started to paint again 2 weeks ago. My goal is to complete my old warhammer fantasy army (I'm nostalgic, ikr), using old and recent minis from GW and maybe other companies. I learnt a lot in this place, so like the last time, your feedback is welcome, because I'm always looking to improve my skills. So here is my current work in progress (shitty photo, sorry) : some minis are old, but some of them were painted a few days ago (squig hunters and squig hoppers in particular).

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    cool stuff, really nicely painted set of minis. the aqua's look great with the purple undersides
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again https://www.instagram.com/coyotepaints/

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    Welcome back! You're starting off with a high quality painted unit.

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    Thanks ! I'm glad to be back, and I've got lots of plans. I'm going on vacation for a few days, and sadly I don't take my brushes with me, but more minis will arrive from next week !

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    i'm back in business, trying a new way to paint metalic areas, I'll see what happens...
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    I enjoy to paint teeth on these minis.

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    Lovely lovely work Kallfa!!!

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    Thank you !

    Below are the finished squig hoppers. I've added more stuff on bases, to bring more color varations.

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    Name:  wip4.jpg
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    great work! I really like the colors you used, especially for the squigs

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    Thank you guys ! About the colors I used for squigs, I only use paints from GW. I start with a Mephiston Red layer on a black undercoat. I do highlights by adding to the base color 50% of Screaming Skull. I paint a first layer with an airbrush to have a zenital light, and I do after several layers by adding more Screaming Skull + Loreen Forest to make the color less flashy, to push the highlights successively up to pure white for the most prominent parts and face. Alongside, I apply different and multiple washes and glazes, using blue, blue + brown (for dark shadows), and red inks.
    Sorry if it's not well explained, I'm not used to describe my recipes in english x).

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    I finished the last of my first unit of five squig hoppers. I think i'm done for a short while with these little guys, I need to paint something else now.
    So below is the last one :

    Name:  wip5.jpg
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    And the whole unit, to get an overview :

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    the next project is launched...

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    Some super impressive work in this thread! I love the contrast you are getting, every little detail pops.
    The squigs look fantastic.

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    Thanks a lot Gorb ! It encourages me to carry on !

    I'm pretty happy with my current palette for the skin colors, trying to mix cold and warm tones. I feel like these minis are going to take me some time but I'll enjoy doing them !

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    Those Hoppaz look inspiring. Did you load them to your gallery?
    And I wanna underline, that I really like the creative basing you've done for those.

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    Thank you Graishak ! Yes I did, they're available in my gallery since yersteday (http://www.coolminiornot.com/443174). About the basing, I wanted something that reminds autumn, because I like very much the colors of that season of the year (and this is the period for mushroom! :P). By the way, it was a simple way to brings warm colors, what contrasts to the cold tones of the squigs and gobs (green, blue, purple, etc.).
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    Some paint spots here and there... I'm testing some tips.

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    Starting to look pretty cool! Love that shading on the belly.

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    Thanks! I started to play with scales. But I'm not sure what I'm doing to be honest, it looks a little dirty right now in my view. Anyway this is good practice! If you have any suggestions, I'm interseted.

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