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    @Silmarillion & Gorb, thank you ! I don't know how many layers I applied haha, I tried to do better than the first troggoth anyway.
    @Graishak, Haha, it seems we're on the same wavelenght : both squig maniacs, and buying stuff even if we already have a lots of unpainted minis!

    head is progressing :

    Name:  troggoth02wip06.jpg
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    I also got my new gear! I think I found a more diplomatic solution to preserve my minis from mischievous citadel pots :')

    Name:  newgear.jpg
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    ​Wow, I love how you’re tackling that troll head. Again, the line work looks amazing. I may try to copy it at some point!

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    The troll head is sooo expressive. I love it!

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    The head looks amazing, all of the different shades making the skin glow. Beautiful!
    Do you use a lot of stippling / striping strokes when painting, or does the sculpt have that high amount of detail?

    Also, that clamp thing looks mean, what is it?

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    Many thanks to all for your kind words

    @SaintToad, that's very pleasing for me to hear that my work makes some people want to reproduce it (but there is so much better, you should target other works haha).
    @Dexter, the scuplt looked already very expressive, I enjoyed painting it !
    @Gord, I mainly use stippling / striping strokes, with several round-trips between washes, glazes and gradient lines, until I'm satisfied with the result. About the sculpt, it's already pretty well detailed, even if I also tryed to add some reliefs, like lines and spots and on its cheeks, lips, ears and nose.
    That clamp thing is from Green Stuff World, you can find it on this page, where you can also find different types of sculpting/painting holders.

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    Head is almost done, I took a photo under better conditions, I can see now that some highlights are missing, I'll fix that tomorrow !

    Name:  troggoth02wip07.jpg
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    I think the feet look really nice as they are. Maybe glaze some of that red/purple into the hands to tie it into the figure more would make it look a little better. Otherwise I can see where you want to soften the look on the feet because they kind of stand out at the moment.

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    That is one heck of a great looking face you painted, kudos!
    I love how the warm-tinted teeth contrast with that glaring cold eyeball.

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    Echoing the others, great work on the troll face.
    By the way - he's looking like "caught in the act" ;-)

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    @Epikage, I agree with you. I applied a glase to soften more the tones of the feet, and to tie it with the other parts of the body.
    @Gorb, thank you ! I'm glad you like it
    @Graishak, thank you too ! yeah, even if what's he's up to looks pretty obvious haha

    Update, below is the full mini, I'll finish it soon hopefully! I worked again on these damn scales, to make them look more sharpen (it looks like it's not enough, and I didn't do thoses on the legs yet, what a pain T_T). I also made progress with the arms and the weapon, I enjoyed painting the crystal, it was the first time for me to paint that kind of stuff. I think the belly and the hands need more red colors. Suggestions are welcome, as usual!

    Name:  troggoth02wip09.jpg
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    Name:  troggoth02wip08.jpg
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    Name:  troggoth02wip10.jpg
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    I love it!
    Do you plan to put it on a display plinth or a 'simple' base?

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    Thank you Gorb and Dexter
    @Dexter, I'll put it on a simple base, as the first one, because it's part of my orcs & goblins army project. I planned to paint a unit of 6 initialy, and... eeerf I already starting to think about painting something else after the second troggoth...

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    Great looking troggoth. I love that style.
    I think we can safely say that an army painted to that standard would be completely badass.

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    Thank you SaintToad for your support
    It's a big challenge for me, I have never been able to finish my army. After I decided to do that a month ago, GW announced a week later that Warhammer Fantasy Battle will be back in about 2-3 years, so I'm pumped!

    I'm done with the second one. I refined hightings on scale (yes, again...) : that's not perfect but I think that I learnt something during the process. I also applied red tones here and here on the fleshy areas, and I finished the weapon by adding some purple glaces on the wood. I think I can do much more, but I need to move forward, I might come back on it later, when I'll have my unit completed. Anyway, this troll is better than the first in my opinion, so I'm pretty happy, thanks to David Soper, who very kindly provides me some advices (he's also working on a troggoth atm, on a whole other level). I uploaded the picture in my gallery (http://www.coolminiornot.com/443944)

    Name:  Kallfatroll2_2019_12_18.jpg
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    Love it!
    Like SaintToad pointed out, it will be a pretty impressive army..

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    Man, your trolls are looking killer!! gotta agree with toad and Dex, an army of them will be a sight to behold!! PHENOMENAL work on the flesh and textures, Im jealous!! great job bud!

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    Many thanks to all of you mates, it's heartwarming to have your support !
    Talk about my army project made me want to take a quick picture with all my minis "ready for battle" (a big light box will be welcome in the future). It's quite interesting to notice my learning curve on the picture below, the majority of squigs were painted arround 5 years ago and some of them run out of contrast to my view, compared to my recent work. I didn't put my black orc unit because they really need to be reworked x).

    Name:  IMG_20191219_183553.jpg
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    I decided to take a little break with trolls, because I really want to try my new metallic paints from Green Stuff World, and some orc boar boyz request my attention...

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