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    Seconded, glorious. Well done

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    Stunning work! Looking forward to see what magic you're doing to the boarboyz :-)

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    Thank you everyone !
    @Graishak, I'm working on it atm . I took my time during the prep to remove mould lines as much as possible. I hate this step, and I know I suck at these things. But now, the fun can begin!
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    I love your style Kalifa. Lots of vibrant colors, but applied to achieve a very muted overall look. Really pleasing to look at, especially combined with the attention to detail of the bases.

    And I can’t believe how quickly you pump out such high quality work.

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    Many thanks KruleBear! Well, I don't really know how and when I started to have that painting style, it wasn't the point xD. I just try hard, folowing advices form other and my gut, and things happen. In any case, I'll keep painting like this, I feel even more confortable in this way. About how quickly I paint, there is no secret : I've got a lot of time on my hands after work x). By the way, I'll take a break soon to spend Chrismas with my family.

    Below is a little update about the orc boar boyz. I didn't paint orcs for a decade, so it was quite fun to deal with it. These minis are really great, I don't undertand why they have been taken out of production ;(.

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    The army picture looks great and the start you have on the boar rider is looking really good so far!

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    I do not know how could I skip your WIP, but your trolls, goblins, squigs, orks are all amazing!

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    Love the teeth on the ork, they are super well defined. Can't wait to see where you take the boar.

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    The boar rider is coming along nicely. The two trolls look fantastic next to the squigs. I can’t believe you don’t like prep work on miniatures. I hated doing it too and it was just a necessary evil before being able to paint. Now I sometimes prefer to do just that. You could always post your miniatures to me and I’ll clean them up, putty and sand them for you. I’ll do it for free...but I might not post them back to you.

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    Lovely work from a top artisan.

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