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    Seconded, glorious. Well done

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    Stunning work! Looking forward to see what magic you're doing to the boarboyz :-)

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    Thank you everyone !
    @Graishak, I'm working on it atm . I took my time during the prep to remove mould lines as much as possible. I hate this step, and I know I suck at these things. But now, the fun can begin!
    Name:  obbwip01.jpg
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    I love your style Kalifa. Lots of vibrant colors, but applied to achieve a very muted overall look. Really pleasing to look at, especially combined with the attention to detail of the bases.

    And I can’t believe how quickly you pump out such high quality work.

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    Many thanks KruleBear! Well, I don't really know how and when I started to have that painting style, it wasn't the point xD. I just try hard, folowing advices form other and my gut, and things happen. In any case, I'll keep painting like this, I feel even more confortable in this way. About how quickly I paint, there is no secret : I've got a lot of time on my hands after work x). By the way, I'll take a break soon to spend Chrismas with my family.

    Below is a little update about the orc boar boyz. I didn't paint orcs for a decade, so it was quite fun to deal with it. These minis are really great, I don't undertand why they have been taken out of production ;(.

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    Name:  obb01wip04.jpg
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    The army picture looks great and the start you have on the boar rider is looking really good so far!

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    Love the teeth on the ork, they are super well defined. Can't wait to see where you take the boar.

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    The boar rider is coming along nicely. The two trolls look fantastic next to the squigs. I can’t believe you don’t like prep work on miniatures. I hated doing it too and it was just a necessary evil before being able to paint. Now I sometimes prefer to do just that. You could always post your miniatures to me and I’ll clean them up, putty and sand them for you. I’ll do it for free...but I might not post them back to you.

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    Lovely work from a top artisan.

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    Hello there ! Well, I don't know why, my motivation just vanished 10 month ago. I started to play again with my brushes a few days ago. I felt quite rusty and I didn't want to mess up the boarboyz I started the last time, so I painted some basic orcs warriors. I also started a series of night goblins (shields are missing, I'll do that later...)

    Name:  orcsboyz_2020_10_25.jpg
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    Name:  gobs_2020_10_27.jpg
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    I'm glad you are back, safe and sound. And happy you picked up the brush again. These guys look fantastic as ever.

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    Nice collection of little green guys. Really clean painting.

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    Echoing the others:
    Welcome back & really nice work on the Greenz!

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    Great looking greenskins. I love the use of pinkish fleshy tones, and how subtle they're applied.

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    Thanks everyone for your warm welcome back and positive feedback. I've done two other little green guys and their shields, attempting to accentuate the saturation on pinky flesh areas. For shields, I tryed a masking technique to simulate a flaking/rust effect, but I'm not very satisfied with the result, it looks kind of dirty to me. I'll try another way next time.

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    Name:  gobs_2020_10_31.jpg
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    Also, 2013 vs 2020 :
    Name:  gobs_2013vs2020.jpg
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    Thank you Gorb! Well, I tried a simpler and faster way for the shields. After a gradient made with airbrush, I used a sponge to simulate weathering, and I applyed hightlights and shadows after :

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    Name:  shieldswip4.jpg
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    Family is growing (72 left, I'm screwed...) :

    Name:  gobs_2020_11_03.jpg
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