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    Great stuff! I especially like that pig face.

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    Great work on the Boarboyz!
    As standard Orcs are disappearing from the AOS Portfolio are you going to play them as savage boyz then?

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    Thanks everyone for your nice comments, I'm glad you appreciate these orcs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    Great work on the Boarboyz!
    As standard Orcs are disappearing from the AOS Portfolio are you going to play them as savage boyz then?
    Thank you Graishak! Actually, these orcs are for my warhammer fantasy battle army, as the rest of my minis in this thread. That's why I use square bases. One of my best friend's got two armies (high elves and dark elves), and he challenged me to complete mine, to confront each other on the table. Well, I still have a lot of work to do, it will probably take several years ^^'.

    I accentued the contrasts on the second, I brought more saturation on the hands and the face, and I added more tones on metalic areas :

    Name:  orcboar02wip_10.jpg
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    Name:  orcboar02wip_11.jpg
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    Name:  orcboar02wip_12.jpg
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    Name:  orcboar02wip_13.jpg
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    Also, some progress have been made on the third :

    Name:  orcboar03wip_01.jpg
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    Name:  orcboar03wip_02.jpg
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    Name:  orcboar03wip_03.jpg
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    Name:  orcboar03wip_04.jpg
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    Name:  orcboar03wip_05.jpg
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    Very nice. I particularly like the finish of the bone bugle/horn.

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    Thank you Gemini. I'm glad that you like the bone bugle, because I didn't really know how I wanted to paint it and I retried several times!
    Well, anyway it's better with pigs :

    Name:  orcsboar01_2020_11_24.jpg
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    Name:  orcsboar02_2020_11_24.jpg
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    Name:  orcsboar03_2020_11_24.jpg
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    Name:  orcsboar04_2020_11_24.jpg
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    Last edited by Kallfa; 11-23-2020 at 09:46 PM.

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    This is some fantastic work you have here. Love the different textures and contrast!

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    Very nice! I like the metals really much and the smoothness in the skins!!

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    Mate, those look cracking! The pigs beady eyes are really sinister!

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    Great job on the boar riders! Love the work you did on those boars!

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    Thanks everyone, these pigs were fun to paint. Some updates today: I keep being overextended, I started to paint black orcs, and I finished a fanatic. I spent some times to research a good color scheme for black orcs, tried something but it looked very messy imo. So I did it again. The result is a little conventional, but I like it.

    Name:  33YKsGT.jpg
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    Name:  G4EexM2.jpg
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    Name:  Kv6x4os.jpg
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    Name:  5hCWzih.jpg
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    And the fanatic :

    Name:  9MLt6kR.jpg
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    Name:  gqFoOiN.jpg
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    Name:  jFqrdzm.jpg
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    Name:  29rUjHT.jpg
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    Thank you Dexter. Ikr, i should banish this black background. I took a few photos with a white background, it's maybe better. But I painted this goblin too much dark I think. About the Orc, i wanted something really dark, because black orcs

    Name:  r1oy47R.jpg
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    Name:  IlnHVm0.jpg
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    Name:  cfL6iBO.jpg
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    Name:  tBtVbKe.jpg
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    I didn't meant it as a critic. The ork is perfectly fine. And the dark background suits him.
    The gobelin is also fantastic as always.

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    Oh don't worry, I didn’t take it wrong at all, everything is fine . I may have misinterpreted your comment because a couple of people from elsewhere told me that a white background would be more suitable : I need a grey background, I guess .
    Anyway critics are always welcome. If you, or other people in this place, find something wrong or have ideas that could help me to improve my work, i'll be very happy to read them .
    Last edited by Kallfa; 11-30-2020 at 03:47 PM.

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    These look fantastic Kallfa. I love all the textures and smooth colors you use.

    My $0.02 on backgrounds: even though people say you should photograph a light mini on a dark backround and vice versa, I find that the camera will overbalance
    exposure on the background. So for a light background, a dark mini can turn too dark because the camera underexposes, and for a dark background it overexposes, blowing out the light mini.

    So it is tricky, and you have to manually adjust your exposure just right.
    I'm sure you are able to do it, but in this case I like your dark background photos more.

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    The dags on your black Orc armour look really nice. Dark and moody as black orcs should be. I’m one of those people who don’t like black backgrounds much. I think part of it is my ageing eyesight and sometimes backgrounds are so dark the mini is obscured and you have trouble working out where the mini ends and background starts. When I’m voting on some of the really dark ones I find it hard to score accurately. Your pics above are fine though because the background reads as more of a dark grey and I can still clearly see the mini outline. They are good examples of how to utilise a dark backing.

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    Hello Gorb and Bullfrog, thanks for your feedback and nice comments
    I use my phone to take photos, and sadly, settings are a little limited . Once my collection of minis is complete (hope springs eternal), I’ll invest in a decent camera, with which I will be able to adjust exposure properly.
    Anyway, sometimes I like the black background, and in other cases, the white one works better for some reasons.
    I took photos of my last finished fanatic with both backgrounds and I'm more happy with the white one this time:

    Name:  fana2_01.jpg
Views: 70
Size:  253.5 KBName:  fana2_02.jpg
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Size:  227.3 KB
    Name:  fana2_03.jpg
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Size:  236.8 KBName:  fana2_04.jpg
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    Even if my phone is limited, I figured I could zoom in quite properly :
    Name:  fana2zoom.jpg
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Size:  333.0 KB

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    Besides the very nice detailed painting of this fanatic I'd like to honor you for the lovely basing. The leaves, grass and the mushroom tie perfectly together.

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    Beautiful work man!!!

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    the darker paint job looks great on the ork and night gobbo!

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