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    Greetings friends,

    I've been meaning to create a new WIP thread to post pics of my extremely slow painting.

    Anyways, below are pics of the latest House I have been working on these past few months. Yes, I've been only doing this one for that time........

    Here is also my IG: I may post more content here for those who are interested.

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    Hi there ;-)
    Slow painting is of no matter, as long as you're not participating in a "speed-painting" competition.
    Taking a look at your colour transitions, they're proofing a "slow hand".
    Looks like this guy is waiting for a mount. If you're interested to get some hints, remarks, advices, folks here
    a not shy providing it.
    So welcome to the forum.

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    yeah, I'll be starting on the horse soon. Will be my first time trying to create muscular textures on horses. I'll be posting WIP pictures

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    Looks great! The clean paint job suits the figure. I like the NMM on the sword and the folds in the cloth.
    The shield freehand looks amazing, can you post some better pictures of it?

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    Thanks! Here's one for the shield.

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    That looks super cool! Nicely symmetrical, and the lines are smooth.

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    more progress on the horse. With a family photo

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    Your work is very accurate, this is impressive ! stunning nmm and nice freehand paint on the shield. I understand why you take your time, it's worth it.

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    thanks guys! I'm finally getting quicker with really good results after all these years of working on NMM

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    After a long time working on this guy, I can finally say he's finished.

    Hope you like it!

    More pics on my IG

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