Claiming versus Control of Objectives
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Thread: Claiming versus Control of Objectives

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    Default Claiming versus Control of Objectives

    Let get straight what requires control and what takes occurs when claiming with regard to objectives.

    Important note: Claiming occurs when a unit moves fully over the objective, regardless of whether or not it's contested. A unit can only be in control of objectives they have claimed if not contested by another unit (requiring more ranks to do so).

    First off, scoring. To score requires an objective to be under control. Therefore, all effects that trigger off "when scoring" require control.

    Most are pretty straight forward. Such as:

    "While you control this Objective.... draw 1 less...". Obviously, requires for you to be in control of said objective during the clean up phase.

    "When you score points... restore up to D3 Wounds". Same as above, you must be in full control at the time of scoring.

    Now there are a few that distinguish between claiming and controlling. For example:

    "When claim... target... While you control... loses...." There's an NCU and an attachment version of this objective card. And just as the card says, you target the enemy NCU or Attachment only upon claiming. And the abilities are only lost if you maintain control. The implication of this is that the target NCU or attachment may have its abilities cycle through being on and off depending how many ranks you or your opponent have... but you can't target something else unless you move off of the objective and then re-claim it.

    "When you claim.... draw.... While you control... tactics Hand size." Similarly here, to take advantage of the tactics hand size, you must be in control during the clean up phase. But you don't get to draw tactics cards each time that the ranks disparity changes.

    Lastly, I'd like to address the most interesting one!

    "While controlling this Objective, this unit's Melee Attacks gain Sundering and Vicious. This unit suffers D3 Wounds after completing any Melee Attacks." The first sentence has the qualifier of controlling the objective. But the second sentence has no such stipulation of having to control. Interesting....

    Question: Does the unit in possession of that Objective take wounds after completing a Melee Attack regardless of being in control or not?
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    I'd lean toward no. If being dealt d3 wounds after every melee attack was not dependent on controlling the objective, I believe it would have been noted first (much like the objective that grants an additional 1VP). Since it's listed second, I believe it's dependent on the objective being controlled.

    My tuppence, in any case.
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