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    I'm wondering about the exact timing of Varys.

    On his profile, it is noted that when an NCU enemie claims a zone of the tactical board he can depict a pawn orders. My question is when, exactly does it have to deprive him? I explain: if we follow the rule book on simultaneous actions,
    the active players solves the effects of his NCU then varys says that it effects it cancels. there before, when does he have to spend his token order, because either he spends it when the NCU claims the zone and waits to know what will be the effect chosen by the player, then he chooses which he cancels, or he expends his token after so waiting to know exactly what the player will choose. what brings me to my thinking, is that Varys spend his piece immediately after the player seizes the area?
    or, wait for him to know the effects to spend it, which for me is different because either he knows the effects of NCU in one case and in the other not

    thank you in advance and sorry for my english I am french

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    Varis cancels effects.
    Rules very vague sometimes. This game should be played most via RAI principles.

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    ok but the exact question is when should he spend his token to get his effect? when the NCU claims the area without saying what it will do or after the player says what effect he will do?

    because in the 1 case if it does not spend the token at this moment it will not be able to cancel the effects

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    Activate NCU
    Anounce what zone you want to claim
    Anounce effects "when NCU claims zone" (if any)
    Your opponent anounce effects "when NCU claims zone" (Varys)
    Your effects "when NCU claims zone" takes effect (if any)
    Opponents effects "when NCU claims zone" takes effect (canels zone or NCU abilities)
    You put NCU on zone and resolve effect of zone (if Varys didnt cancel it) or Influence (if Varys didnt cancel it).

    Hope this helps

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    This is from the official FAQ.
    Chaos is a ladder.

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    Varys can only cancel either the NCU's ability OR the Tactics Board ability in a single turn; he cannot cancel both in one turn because a) his card says you may use 1 Order token (see FAQ V1.4's rendition of Varys' updated card) and choose which option you wish to use it for.

    However, there are other NCUs like Craster whose ability REPLACES that of the Tactics Board spot, so if Varys is used to cancel Craster's ability to restore 2 wounds and give 1 Tactics Card then he also effectively neutralises the Tactics Board because Craster has already changed its ability to his.

    NCU claims spot on Tactics Board
    This creates the trigger for Varys
    He rolls a d6, hoping for a 3+
    If successful, he at this point can choose which he is going to neutralise: the NCU's ability or that of the Tactics Board, if the NCU's ability does not REPLACE that of the Tactics Board.
    If the NCU's ability replaces that of the Tactics Board, then Varys will neutralise the NCU's ability thus shutting down both it and the Tactics Board spot.

    That's how I understand it works anyway!

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