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    Hi All, im an old school painter getting back into the hobby and hoping to pickup some new skills and techniques.
    I have started out again by painting some Hero Quest figures, the mummy is especially straight forward as not many colours to worry about.
    I have started with a base of Averland Sunset, washed with Agrax Earthshade, layered with 2 part sunset / 1 part Pallid Wych Flesh, highlighted with 1 part sunset / 1 part Whych Flesh on selected areas based on light source. But that is about where my abilities run dry. Any helpful tips or advise on how to enhance this further would be awesome.
    I've got quite a few of these guys to paint, so going to try and improve each time.

    I'm thinking edge highlights and attempting some colour blending, rather than just flat colours?

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    Ok, I just found my benchmark.

    Absolutely outstanding painter obviously. How did they get the transitions so smooth and no brush strokes at all?
    Im watering down my paints a fair bit before applying, maybe not enough?

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    I think yours looks pretty good, maybe paint in the eyes to give it some more "pop" but otherwise a good job especially after not painting for a while. Probably could use a little more thinning of your paint, but it is really something you need to play with to get a feel for it (I am still learning myself). Also, you could probably mix some black to get in the creases between the wrappings to give it some darker shadow and stand out more.
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