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    Do you recieve damage if you pivot over Dangerous (but dont move through it)?
    Do you recieve damage twice if you move over Dangerous terrain and then end action on it?

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    From page 26 of the rulebook:
    • DANGEROUS: Units performing Actions while within this
    terrain piece, or units that cross it while moving, suffer
    D3+1 Wounds after completing that Action/move.

    I couldn't find a definition of movement, but on page 15 in the Pivoting and Other Units box is the sentence "Pivoting is also often incorporated as part of other moves." The use of the word "other" here implies to me that pivoting is movement. If this is the case, pivoting over or across Dangerous Terrain would cause it to deal wounds.
    I think that a unit is only damaged once by dangerous terrain by taking an action that includes movement but I haven't been able to find anything in the rules to confirm this.

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    Since you can pivot throught impassable terrain, ennemy units ... but can't move through pivoting is not part of the movement.

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    Michael addressed this in a thread a bit over a year ago [http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...Questions!!-)]. Relevant bit quoted below (emphasis added):

    Dangerous is not reliant in any way on a unit Charging- , it triggers anytime a unit crosses or ends a move, of any kind, on/over it. If you're aligning yourself after contacting a Charge so that you are on anything with Dangerous, you are suffering the effects of it.
    So if you are physically moving the unit tray over Dangerous terrain at any point during an action, you suffer the damage--this would include pivoting.

    It shouldn't trigger twice if you have pivoted and ended your action without leaving the terrain, as you haven't crossed it, only ended your move on it.

    It should trigger twice if you have, for example, crossed the terrain and somehow also ended your move on it, as those would be separate instances.
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    From FAQ 1.4
    Q : Can I move and/or pivot off the edge of the table ?
    A : Move, no Pivot yes. The table is treated as impassable

    You can pivot through any units as long as you don't end in the same space as another tray.

    Since I don't assume that impassable terrains move the time you pivot and ennemies don't accept that you pivot through them but disagree you move, I assume pivoting is not move (but ending is moving)

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    Hi All
    I have a related question in regards to dangerous terrain.
    Under the latest terrain descriptions spikes are both dangerousand destructible, the question came up if you would receive damage whistdestroying dangerous terrain?

    Being able to destroy the terrain negates its potentialeffect, I do realise that it does force the unit to expend an action to removethe terrain however.
    Thanks for any comments

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    The rulebook states "units performing actions while within this terrain piece, or units that cross it while moving, suffer d3+1 Wounds after completing Action/Move." So destructing it generates wounds only if you're on it.

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