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    Quote Originally Posted by AnorexicShark View Post
    ...My guess is the dragons will be in hero box #1 im hoping they arent just baby dragons but they probably will be sadly. I understand from a lore perspective why that would be but from a gameplay perspective and a war game perspective we all want real dragons...I already know my local geeks will wanna play when they see danny and drogo but universally the question will come back to dragons...
    I don't play Targaryens, but my dad just bought their starter set (which is cool), and like everyone else who supports Targaryens, is understandably itching for some dragons. This is how I would personally prefer to see them done:

    I wouldn't want to see them in "baby" form either, or even included in a Targ Hero box 1. I would prefer they came in their own Dragon box set or as Heroes 2 or whatever you want to call it. They would be the adolescent form of the dragons like what was seen in seasons 4/5 of the show. I would want to see Daenarys mounted on Drogon as the largest, with the model mounted on the large base used by the likes of the NW stone thrower. The two other dragons I think should be smaller and mounted to like a flight peg on smaller bases. They would operate like cavalry, but would be able to move through terrain and other units without penalty (flying). They would all have "dracarys" as a special Order short-ranged attack that wouldn't allow armor saves, kind of like the Savage Giant "Mighty Swing", but would also cause Panic after rolling attack dice.

    As to the stats, I couldn't even begin to say, but this is roughly what I'd like to see from them. I think it's a decent compromise between disappointing baby dragons that don't quite scratch the itch, and giant dragons that are way too expensive in points and/or dollars, and take up way too much room on the table and in the army list. That was sort of the issue with the G Dubbs Oliphaunt. Awesome model, but due to high point cost, became more of a novelty that only made it into those uncommonly large games. I think it would be a shame if the dragons were taken in that direction, as cool as it is. I would want to see them on the table more often than not.
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    With dragons I'm betting there will be 3 baby dragons on a base as an NCU representing the vague sort of political clout having 3 dragons gives Dany. On the field, I'm expecting (at most) adolescent Drogon for starters since he was described as the biggest of the dragons and the only one to make an appearance in the books actively doing things and fighting.

    My bet is Drogon has a nasty ranged attack (likely ignore armor saves and vicious like Pyromancers)and pretty decent melee, and maybe a 4+ save with the same rule as the Giants leading to every 2 failed saves = 1 wound.

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    My targaryen starter just shipped should be with me friday hope theres nothing broken like people have said on here. looking forward to playing them as I currently dont have any cavalry units .

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    I've received both starter sets and nothing was broken either.

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    I magnetized all the bases for storage and sprayed the trays to a better color over the weekend.

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    Hoping I’ll be able to order mine in about a month or so, as a b-day present to myself. Otherwise, I’ll likely have to wait till CMON Expo...
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    My starter came on the Friday all intact nothing broken. Haven't had them on the battle field yet soon though as still playing baratheon.

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    My targaryens has arrived!
    I even start painting Illirio

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