What Happened to Kabuki Studio?
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Thread: What Happened to Kabuki Studio?

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    Question What Happened to Kabuki Studio?

    Hey Guys

    I've been out of the loop for just over a year due to my final year at university.
    Now that i have more free time and disposable income I've been investing a lot more on minis as I'm the main DM for my group of friends.
    Among working on scenic gaming boards and trying to put a dent in my WarHammer backlog, I was looking for some more attractive female mini's for D&D and remembered Kabuki Miniatures. I bought their dwarf beer maiden a longtime ago but never had the money to get anything else.

    But the web sight and Facebook page are just gone.

    I cant find any information about what happened or where/if they are selling their minis now.

    If someone could explain to me what happened I would be really grateful?

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    I don't remember what exactly happened (I think they were bought out or just merged with another company, which I believe was TAGO), but you can still buy their stuff at leveluphobby.com
    Now I am not sure if they are still using the same people to make the products that Kabuki used or if they moved to a different company so can't attest to the quality anymore. But if it is older stock should still be good
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    I cant thank you enough.
    They had a lot of minis I was hoping to buy, not to mention some of the best looking female miniatures that are at the right scale for D&D.
    Ever since the CMON web-store got "re-vamped" I've been struggling to find new mini companies/web-sights.

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    (Not a problem glad to help. If you are looking at 28-32mm(ish) size figures, you can always check out Hasslefree miniatures, reaper miniatures or Red Box Games (http://red-box-games.com/). I gave that last link so you don't think I am trying to send you to the video kiosk rental site here in the states. The three I gave you (if you haven't heard of them) make some really decent figures

    Whoops, forgot one, Dark Sword Miniatures makes some really nice figures too (mostly 28mm)
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