In What Order are Dice Roll Modifiers Applied?
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Thread: In What Order are Dice Roll Modifiers Applied?

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    Default In What Order are Dice Roll Modifiers Applied?

    Dice roll modifiers work differently in this game than some others so for convenience here is the relevant section from page 24 of the version 1.4 rulebook.

    Dice Roll Modifiers
    Some effects modify a specific die roll, such as Sundering (Defenders suffer -1 to Defense Save rolls). It is important to note that these effects modify the result of the roll but not the actual die-facing itself. This means that if you had another effect that specifically triggered on rolls of a 6, it refers to the actual die-facing and not the roll after modifiers.
    Additionally, effects can never reduce a die-roll below 0 or an individual die-result above 6.

    Suppose a unit of House Umber Berserkers charges Gregor Clegane the Mountain that Rides from the rear over a piece of fortified terrain and get some hits. The Lannister player plays the tactics card Wealth of the Rock to give Gregor +1 to his Defense Saves for this attack. The modifiers to those Defense Saves are -2 rear attack, -1 sundering, +1 fortified terrain, +1 Wealth of the Rock. Gregor rolls a 2 on one of the dice for his defense saves. In what order are the modifiers applied? If rear attack and sundering are applied first, the roll is reduced to 0 (it can't be reduced below 0) before fortified terrain and WotR raise it to 2, high enough to successfully save with Gregor's 2+ armor. If fortified terrain and WotR are applied first, the die is raised to 4 then reduced to 1 by rear attack and sundering: an unsuccessful save. Does this roll of 2 on the die prevent Gregor from suffering a wound or not?

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    effects can never reduce a die-roll below 0
    This means that the end-result of a die-roll can never be below 0, but doesn't mean that you apply modifiers one at a time.
    You apply all modifiers to a die-roll when figuring out the total - the end-result cannot be less than 0, or greater than 6, but you still apply them all, effectively simultaneously.

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