Stormcrow Archers & Mercenaries missing?
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Thread: Stormcrow Archers & Mercenaries missing?

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    Default Stormcrow Archers & Mercenaries missing?

    My Stormcrows have arrived but not on the App. I’m not missing an upgrade as 1.5 is in. Does anyone else have the same issue?


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    Although I think there are scattered pockets where they're available, believe those units are still considered as not being released in retail. The Asmodee US store has them listed as being on pre-order. So there may not be an update until they're officially released.
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    So I shouldn’t have primed them for painting this weekend, but put them on eBay for £100 or try to swap them for some Umber Greatswords
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    Well, painted sets generally go for more, so...
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    Better get the fence brush out and get started.....
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    Assuming you already saw this, but the last update included the Stormcrows.

    But you've probably already finished painting them...
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    I used them on the flank of my NW force last week with a Watch Recruiter attached and who’s essentially free with the units Adaptive ability.

    They acquitted themselves well holding the left flank and destroying a unit of Freefolk Trappers with Tormund attached.

    The ‘Motivated by Coin’ ability wasn’t as good as I hoped as you have to target the wealth zone activity on the Mercenaries as opposed gaining the benefit form just being on the wealth zone - my poor reading in list building. Anyway they earned their coin and are a nice change from all NW lists.
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