Vanguard Commander & Feinting Maneuver
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Thread: Vanguard Commander & Feinting Maneuver

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    Default Vanguard Commander & Feinting Maneuver

    If a Harma player triggers the Maneuver zone and plays Feinting Maneuver, can Harma use her Vanguard commander ability to take that take Feinting Maneuver card back, since active player controls simultaneous actions?

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    How I would see it!
    - Claim zone (triggering zone claiming).
    - Play both Feinting Maneuver and Activate Vanguard commander.
    - As per simultaneus actions rule, select Feinting Maneuver to resolve first, then it is placed to discard.
    - Then resolve Vanguard commander as second, get Feinting Maneuver (or anything else) back.

    Should work.

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    yep, due to simultaneous actions you can fetch the card back afterwards, like fronx said

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