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    So i got some scale 75 and i've been trying to use them. The issue i'm having is even after shaking them for like 5 mins. They are still pretty solid in the pot. So I'll pull the top off to manually mix it and then shake it even more. Yet when it comes out its super grainy and stuck together. Any suggestions?

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    Well since you said you shook the heck out of it, it looks like maybe you just got a bad bottle. Is it like that for all of your Scale75's or just that one color? If it is only the one color or two, it could have been something in the bottle that caused the paint to react to it. It could also be that some air got into the mix so it is drying in the bottle and "turning" on you. Depending on where you bought it you may want to take it back to them, or better, contact Scale75 directly and they may send you a new bottle (or however many are acting like that) to fix the issue.

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    It's actually a bunch of bottles, and we don't have a scale retailer so I ordered from them. I did also sent them an email I was wondering if there was something else I could do. I'll see what they say.

    Thank you

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    You might be able to add a drop or two of Flow Improver to a bottle and see if that helps. Maybe try it on one bottle and add a drop or two and try shaking (add more as needed, but not more than five or so drops to a bottle since these aren't dried up). Might be worth it to add an agitator bead or some old sprue bits to the bottle to help mix it up as well.

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    This happened to several bottles of my Vallejo Model Colour paints. Whether it had something to do with them not having been used for a couple of years I don’t know for sure. They also hadn’t been stored at the optimum temperature. Yours could even have been exposed to high heat during shipping. I tried numerous things to reincorporate the pigment but none worked fully. It’s almost like the pigment has separated from the carrier and cured in crumbly lumps and no matter what solvent you put in there it stays that way. A few I managed to half save with a few drops of Tamiya acrylic thinner then shook the bottles to hell and back. Let it sit overnight then shake forever again. The pigment that hadn’t cured properly was usable but the hard stuff can’t be salvaged and I just removed it when I was in a pinch for that particular colour. Bear in mind that if you go down a similar route the thinner will affect drying times of the paint and speed it up so it might not be suitable for you. I was going to bin them so I had nothing to lose.

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    Not sure if you got this figured out, but if you live in a place where temps have been below freezing this could be your issue. The paints could have frozen and then thawed, acrylic paints freezing can cause this type of separation making the paint useless. I order from Scale 75 in Europe all the time, I'm in Utah and I won't order when temps are below 35* as I don't want to take that risk as my mailbox is outside. When they come from Europe they spend time in customs and can be left in a container for a few days at port of entry which is usually in New York or other north east port and will be in the cold elements for that time.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

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    Try this, it works wonders on old paints. Even citadel hexagonal bottles.
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