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    Default Attachments?

    Hi all

    Quick question I've been generally browsing the online stores and notice something on pre order for all factions in the game it just says starks attachments, Lannister attachments etc anyone know what these are or could be ?

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    i just noticed this last night myself and assumed it was a translation issue but I have no idea

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    Yeah its mystery can't even think what they could be maybe altanet sculpt attachments of let's say raid leader, assault captain etc but with different abilities ?

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    I think the Freefolk are getting their Skinchanger unit attachment soon, 2 skinchangers, 2 bears, 2 wolves, and 2 eagles. As for the other factions, no idea
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    Hmmm, interesting! I wonder what these are?? I'll always pay money for more sculpt variety.

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    We can see Baratheon King's Men upcoming as well (Stannis Faction) at some stores, which are likely the characters we've seen pictured at Gen Con last year.

    The attachment packs i've no idea at all really...seems all current factions get them.

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