So to start, let me say that I haven't been here in awhile. My apologies if this was previously announced. Also, I am aware there's another web page out there ( and that for both here and the other site, if you click on the "Shop" tab, you will be taken to Asmodee.

This question relates to the links in the "NEW ON COOLMINIORNOT" News scroll. Those links redirect to, and every time I get redirected, it asks me to log in. The problem is, that looks like an administrator log-in, and in any event, it doesn't accept my credentials and so dumps me out with a "401 Unauthorized" error. My question is, where is the error?

My guess is either the news links need to be updated to redirect to the Asmodee site, or else a security feature on the "coolminiornot" shop is locking everybody out erroneously. This second guess would assume, then, that there are now two independent shops.

I would be interested to know what the problem is.