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    Thought I’d get a discussion going to see what people favorite sculpts are in the game.

    Mine are:

    Generic Unit:
    The NE Conscripts mini with the studded doublet. They’ve been fun to paint, and just look cool to me.

    Non-Character Attachment:
    The Crannogman Warden that comes in the Trackers box. LOVE the look of this mini, to the point where I have plans to use him as my character in a D&D game.

    This one was hard to pick a single mini out of the lot. CMON has done a great job with them. In the end, I think I’d have to go with Drogo. He’s not released yet, as of this writing, but from the pictures I’ve seen, they did a fantastic job conveying the attitude and “feel” of the character with this sculpt.

    So, what are everyone else’s favorites?
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    I really like the Night's Watch Ranger Hunters (love those bedrolls on their backs).

    Sworn Brothers also have some of the coolest two handed sword poses I've seen in miniature.

    The Umber Greataxes are another unit with great sculpts.

    Savage Cave Dwellers are another unit with really great evocative sculpts.
    My favorite attachment sculpt is the Champion of Bone
    Favorite NCU sculpt is probably Craster.

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    i really like the thenns, i don't own the mountain that rides but thats also a really awesome unit. all of the FF heros are cool and cold hands looks amazing

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    The Mountain the Rides is always one of the minis I show off to people I’m introducing the game to.

    “Here’s an infantry unit. Here’s a Direwolf. Here’s a cav unit...and HERE’S the Mountain that rides...”. Usually with a decent thud, if it quiet...and a “Holy XXXX!” from the observer. Lol. He does tend to impress.
    House - Ravenhurst
    Sigil - Black raven on a copper field, clutching paintbrushes
    Words - “We do not Highlight”

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    Current favourite is brienne from neutral's 2 awesome sculpt

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    For unit:
    1) Flayed Men
    2) Sworn Shields
    3) Tully Cavaliers
    4) Followers of Bone
    5) Kingsguard

    For Characters:
    1) Khal Drogo
    2) Illyrio
    3) Cersei
    4) Howland Reed
    5) Mance Raydar

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