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Thread: Aligning onto Hindering Terrain

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    Default Aligning onto Hindering Terrain

    Suppose a unit of Stark Sworn Swords charges a unit of Lannister Guardsmen. The Stark player rolls a 2 for charge distance, which is enough distance to reach the Guardsmen. When the Stark player aligns the Sworn Swords at the end of the charge, their base overlaps a piece of hindering terrain that they didn't cross while measuring the charge distance. Is the charge a disorderly charge or is it already successful by the time the hindering terrain is touched?

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    You can align over hindering terrain without penalty, so long as you did not cross it while making your charge move (including the initial pivot)

    You align to the enemy unit after rolling for charge distance and determining whether or not the charge was disorderly

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    It’s already a successful charge, as that is a requirement for the alignment.
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    What if there is dungerous terrain there?
    Unit will suffer damage (as align is movement) or not?

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    Units that align onto dangerous terrain take damage from it as normal as Charging is performing an action.

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    The question was about damage after align move (before attack).
    I found answer already. It takes damage

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