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    Hi, in a game this week my sworn swords were reduced to four figures (giants, what can you do?).

    I activated Aemon on the wealth zone and using his ability restored 1 figure plus 1 more for each destroyed rank and then added the wealth zone’s 3 figures making a total of 6 figures recovered. However, if the zone effect activates before Aemon’s ability then I would only recover 5 figures because by the time the ability activates I’d only have one destroyed rank.

    Is there a priority in this case?

    No easy dice role too difficult......

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    Simultaneous effects are resolved by the active player first, then the other player.
    If there are multiple simultaneous effects for the same player, that player can choose the order.

    So in the case of an NCU claiming a zone, you can choose whether to resolve their ability or the zone ability first.

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    Thanks AutumnLeaves, that’s how I played it but wanted to make sure for next time.

    No easy dice role too difficult......

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    As stated, this is a case of Simultaneous Effects and the order is chosen by the owner.
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