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    Default Critical Blow on Scorpions

    If I was to use Othell’s Commander card “Mighty Enhancement”, does a successful hit count as an additional 3 hits since each success generates 3 hits or does it only ever generate 1 additional hit (3 hits from the successful hit plus 1 additional for the crit blow)?

    Any answers would be very much appreciated, thank you.

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    If you play "Mighty Enhancement" on a Builder Scorpion Crew ranged attack, you would end up rolling 3 attack dice with the following effective results (getting to reroll anything you don't like, of course) :

    On a 1, or 2, you fail to hit.
    On a 3, 4, or 5, you generate 3 hits.
    On a 6, you generate 2 hits.

    The reason for this is because the wording of Critical Blow is that rolls of 6 cause 2 hits. It does not say "additional" or anything of the sort. It also does not say "causes twice as many hits as would be generated" or anything of that sort.

    So to answer your next question. No, Othell isn't the best commander for Warmachines, he's amazing for so many other lists. His attachment is your go to man for a Warmachine build.

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    okay thank you for the clarification. i was a bit confused on how it worked since scorpions say they roll 3 dice and each success generates 3 hits so i wasn't sure if success roll of 6 with critical blow counted as 2 successes and therefore another 3 or if it was only ever 1 extra hit.
    thank you for the fast response.

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    To be clear. Neither of your two proposed outcomes are correct.

    Critical Blow does not cause 6s to be considered two successes. Nor does it cause "an extra hit"... 6s result in precisely two hits.

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